The Rendered Ink Gallery will serve as an extension of the game experience and a showcase for the art and science of game development.


We want the public to explore that unconventional and geeky side of art and display game artistry in a sophisticated setting,” Says Leno Marin, the innovator of the digital art studio concept.


Rendered Ink’s objective is to “power up” the art gallery experience with both static and interactive features that cater to the ever growing group of people interested in this genre.  Public participation will feature game demos, animated prints and innovative, educational projects.  Rendered Ink Gallery will also feature both public and private special events.


“We wish to provide space where people can acquire or enhance creative programing, writing and drawing skills,” says Marin, “A work-lounge area will host educational workshops in a relaxed casual setting with a coffee shop to augment the artistic & programming experience.


“The games today have more complex graphics and story lines that really engage the audience,” Marin reports.  “Players develop a connection with the characters.  The game is never over, the experience and desire continue. Rendered Ink Gallery becomes the home of the extended game experience.”


“The alternative art scene in the Phoenix area is thriving and several locations in the metropolitan area lend themselves beautifully to the gallery site,” Marin adds.  Additionally, Marin hopes that the gallery will further evolve the gaming industry in Arizona.  Game industry sales has topped the movie and music industry combined.


Marin is funding the project through individual investors and the crowdfunding web site “I’m leveraging Kickstarter to allow people from all over the world to participate in the Rendered Ink dream and in exchange choose from a library of 18 cool items.” allows individuals to post projects or ideas online in search of social funding.  Once a project is live, people from all over the internet have the ability to “pledge” money in exchange for something related to the project. Interested people are encouraged to visit the Kickstarter page which is accessible through  

The Rendered Ink Gallery plans to open in the summer of 2016.

Source: ICNW

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