Polish Man Sells Testicles To Come To America. Using Kickstarter To Get Them Back

An interesting story out of Poland where a man has apparently sold his manhood to raise money to come to the United States and pursue a music career. Polish immigrant, Paul Polanski, says he’s dreamed of coming here since he was a small boy and when the opportunity to raise enough money to come here presented itself he jumped at it. Polanski was given $15,000 Polish Zloty which converts to roughly $5,300 American dollars for his testicles which he sold to a scientific study group, VLEKEN and he claims he would have gotten $20,000 but one of his testicles is misshapen. Polanski who is now living in the US has now changed his mind and has a message for VLEKEN, “I want my balls back!” By using popular Crowd funding website, Kickstarter.com Paul is attempting to buy back his testicles.” The surgery which will cost $50,000 to perform does not guarantee that Mr.Polanski will get his own manhood organs back, but he says he’s ok with that as long as they are of equal size or larger. Gifts to contributors of the campaign include merchandise such as mugs and T-Shirts that dawn the phrase, “I helped Paul get his balls back”

Paul’s story is a tragic one. He lost his balls both physically and metaphorically. First by selling his testicles to get to America and pursue his dream. Then a second time when he tried to pursue this dream while working a day job and slaving to support his overbearing wife and kids. But you can help by visiting Kickstarter.com and contributing to the campaign to help get Paul’s story told. For your contribution you will receive perk gifts that include merchandise that dawns the phrase, “I Helped Paul Get His Balls Back!”

BallsBack.org has been set up to help men regain their manhood. Since 2008, ballsback.org has helped thousands of men recapture there testicles both physically and metaphorically.

Metaphorical testicle loss can be often times much more difficult to diagnose and treat than physical testicle loss. Many men do not even realize that they no longer have testicles. Surely you have friends that fall into this category. Recent studies have found that as many as 27 million men in the United States are currently living with little to no testicles without any knowledge of their condition. Vast medical advances have been made on the forefront of battling this crippling epidemic.

Here at BallsBack.org, we take the phrase “grow a pair” very seriously. Metaphorically speaking it is possible to “grow a pair” though individuals who no longer have them find it difficult to actually accomplish this task without the intervention of family and friends. See INTERVENTION. In the event that you would like to “grow a pair”, but do not know where to start or you have a friend that falls into this category it is a wise investment to purchase our book, “How to Get Your Balls Back” which can be ordered HERE.

If your testicles have been physically removed it is important to know that it is not possible to “grow a pair”. You will need to seek professional help in obtaining and replacing your lost manhood. If you do not know where to start or you have a friend that falls into this category, it is a wise investment to purchase our book, “How to Get Your Balls Back” which can be ordered HERE.

often times in metaphorical testicle loss, the subject’s balls can be found in the purse or handbag of their significant other. Though relatively close proximity wise to the subject, said subject will likely never see his testicles again. They might as well be a million miles away.

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Do Your Pants Have PHOTON ENERGY And ALPHA WAVES Magne Pants DO!


Go to www.magnepants.com    for more information

Discovered over 300 years ago in India Touramaline is a naturally occuring stone which produces an electrical charge.


Health benefits abound the claims are astounding, improve intellect, increase blood flow, improve sexual prowess, better sleep, more energy, more children, be healthier , luckier and wealthier. Whether is just the placebo effect who knows but over 300 years of stories, rumours and several scientific tests all say their is something sometimes in life which we cannot touch cannot understand but its there and it works.

We believe 300 year old Indians should not be the only people who benefit from Touramaline so to me it seemed logical to create Magne Pants thus allowing modern man to reap the rewards available from these awesome pants.

The lifetime of the effects of these Magne Pants is forever so we recommed use liberally but be prepared to pass them onto your children so they can also receive the full benefits of these Magne Pants.

The real story is it started as a bit of fun but I needed a project to do and it made me laugh and now after 4 or 5 weeks its serious business. Magne Pants can perform and sell as a novelty asa a health booster as sexy looking antibacterial pants that are soft and good to look at and feel great to wear.

The man in front will be wearing Magne Pants people will buy Magne Pants for their loved ones to see if the fertility ruour is true, to improve their afflictions as a placebo for all ills.

Magne Pants are a crutch for your crotch a pole for your vault. Touramaline is believed to prolong life, strenghten bones and numerous other positive effects.

please visit www.magnepants.com for more product information.


As Henry Ford said you can have any colour as long as its black as funds are made available the range of colours will be expanded.

With a launch on crowd funding site Kickstarter its a different innovative and humorous product which just could improve or increaseyour life expectancy. You cant really afford not to have a pair or two after all everyone likes to hedge their bets.



Youtube: https://youtu.be/OovxBni2vSA
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1992835612/magne-pants-with-photon-energy-and-alpha-waves-as
Contact Information:
jeff harris mon to fri uk office hours
+441642 941311

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VR Sex Like You Have Always Imagined: Indiegogo Project Surpasses Funding Goal


October 20, 2015 – Movies, books and men’s hopes have predicted and anticipated for years a Virtual Reality machine that would enable the average guy to experience the pleasure and excitement of passionate sexual encounters with the most gorgeous women from the privacy and comfort of home, and without the associated risks of sexually-transmitted diseases.
The future approaches quicker most expected: What seemed like science-fiction not very long ago has been made reality today.

Yes, the world’s first and only Virtual Reality adult experience is here, and it is called the eJaculator.

Combining the senses of sight, sound and touch with the ability to control the details of every encounter, the eJaculator is the technological breakthrough that is going to revolutionize time and days spent at home and while traveling for millions of men around the world.

What’s more, the entire experience is completely free once you buy the device – a team of professional adult content producers is already working on creating POV content and expect to have over 1000 fully-integrated videos by the end of 2016 which will be accessible to all owners of the eJaculator whenever, wherever and as many times as they like.

Built just like other popular video streaming sites, eJaculator’s video service will allow users to search, choose and favorite videos. They will be able to follow a particular model, category or keyword and be instantly notified of updates as they become available.

Every story line available will be fully customizable from beginning to middle to end – users compile the elements as they like and then experience the scenes immersed in a hyper-realistic VR world, where sight, sound and touch mimic reality; in the words of one beta tester, he claims, “It feels like I’m next to her.”

Not only a pleasure device, eJaculator will help you better your performance for use in virtual reality and in real life. Incorporating several stamina-increasing programs that hone your abilities and staying power, the eJaculator is also the world’s first and only Virtual Reality love trainer.

The full kit comes with the eJaculator device that is worn on the organ, a VR headset, a remote control (with battery) and a silicon sleeve.

Users need only to download the associated app and connect it to the eJaculator. The main device is made of FDA-approved silicone and connects via Bluetooth 4.0. The headset is extremely light at 340 grams and can accommodate smartphones with screens of up to 6 inches.

Made possible by a team of individuals dedicated to changing the way individuals experience pleasure, the eJaculator has rocketed past its original $48,000 USD funding goal on Indiegogo.

Considering its funding continues pace at its current momentum–the project will easily reach over $100,000 before the Indiegogo campaign comes to an end. As of Thursday October 15, 2015, the Indiegogo crowdfunding for this product had cleared over $70,000 USD with 12-days remaining for backers to contribute.

The initial launch of the campaign included a distributor pack at $2,500.00 USD and incredibly, this was the first backer reward to sell out. There are still “Early Bird” units available starting at $125.00 USD, and the next price tier starts at $150.00 USD.

The video the founder, Steve Csanyi, created for Indiegogo has taken on a life of its own, going viral with over 1,000 views per day (at last check 180,000 views) since being uploaded on Youtube only two weeks ago; the campaign video caught attention on sites like Reddit and was shared on twitter over 10,000 times.

For those who are are into funny, the video may be a meme worth taking a look at: one commenter to the video with the name SuperGamer87 said, “I laughed the whole way, and died at the Neil Armstrong sound bite.”

For Media Kit, http://www.ejaculator.com > Media. Questions or Inquiries; Steven Csanyi, Founder and CEO of eJaculator Limited HK, steven@ejaculator.com or +1.415.367.3118

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTMQ0EIfnLY
See Campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ejaculator-vr-headset-sync-d-stroking-adult-toy
Contact Information:
Questions or Inquiries; Steven Csanyi, Founder and CEO of eJaculator Limited HK, steven@ejaculator.com or +1.415.367.3118

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Death Stair! You Thought Taking The Stairs Was Hard Before?

Rnd Labs Proudly Presents its first release ‘Death Stair’ a Competitive Multiplayer Stair Climbing Game for up to 4 people.

New indie video game start-up RnD Labs launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to finish development and release their debut title Death Stair. The company has set out to raise $12,000 to finish development and allow the game to be released digitally on multiple gaming platforms.

‘Think of it like 3D NES Donkey Kong with 4 players but instead of a giant monkey throwing barrels, it’s a deranged psychopath in a cannon firing beach balls to stop you from reaching the top of a seemingly never ending stair case.’

                                    -Matthew Dudgeon (Producer and Designer)

Players assume the role of either the Gunner or a Runner in this nonstop laugh out loud party game. As the Gunner, your only objective is to stop the Runner from reaching the top of the stairs before the time runs out. As the Runner your only objective is to reach the top of the stairs in one piece.

The gunner must play a very defensive game using a variety of ammunition to slow the Runner down, while the Runner is very manoeuvrable and must cleverly ascend the stair case while dodging everything thrown at him by the Gunner.

RnD Labs have almost finished the Classic mode in the game which is what you can see throughout the videos on their Kickstarter page but rest assured there is a lot more content on its way. They are setting out to create over a dozen party modes which turn the rules and objectives of the classic mode on its head. From cooperative 3 legged races up stairs to insane obstacle courses and even a giant trampoline dodgeball deathmatch arena!


‘We want to create a party game for people who like crazy whacked out fun.’

– Adam Short (Creative Director)


The team has turned to the community for funding through Kickstarter to help cover final development costs to actually release the game but we are willing and able, and with a little push from the community they are excited to bring their insane game into reality.

Death Stair will release Quarter 2, 2016 on PC with Xbox One and PS4 soon after that.

If you would like to know more about the Kickstarter project, please check the link below! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/235987834/death-stair-a-competitive-multiplayer-stair-climbi


Media Contact:

Matthew Dudgeon

Producer & Designer

(+61) 0426243595


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Greek Start Up Sourcerabbit, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Its Desktop CNC Prototype


Affordable Desktop CNC Router with precision and durability

Sourcerabbit, innovative CNC technology start-up launches on Indiegogo

ATHENS, GREECE —October 10, 2015— SourceRabbit, a CNC technology lab located in Athens, is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign for their new product, “Rabbit Mill”, through Indiegogo.com on October 1st. The goal is to raise $12,000 for the production of the first batch of the Rabbit Mill, a compact and precise desktop milling machine at a competitive price for home users. The product will allow users to turn 2D and 3D designs into real objects from materials such as wood, metal and plastic in a speedy and accurate manner.


The ‘Plug n Play’ model offered by SourceRabbit will soon make desktop milling machines as easy to use as a traditional computer printer.  The machines work easily with all applications that export G-Code, a programming language used mainly in computer-aided manufacturing for controlling automated machine tools. Chief Engineer and Founder Nikos Siatras stated that “our goal is to create a large community around our user friendly products and CNC technology, and we have already began to expand into software and the development of a large database of accessible designs”.


The company’s design philosophy focuses on three core values to provide products that are precise, durable and exude excellence.  The state-of-the-art desktop CNC boasts a 0.0005” accuracy, guaranteed by the high quality of the linear bearings paired with chrome-plated steel axes.  In fact, the axes are assembled from laser-cut ST37-2 Steel, one of the most durable materials on the market today.  SourceRabbit claims a very diligent quality control, such that extensive use will not wear down the hardware and users will always achieve high accuracy on their designs.


The Rabbit Mill becomes even more attractive to customers give its retail price point; it will be the most affordable of the “home-use” on the market.  There are two packages available, the Expert Package includes all mechanical parts, electronics and stepper motors and costs $500 US. The second option, SourceRabbit’s Plug and Play Rabbit Mill, will be sold for $700 US, ships fully equipped with a Spindle, power supply and a selection of endmills to cater for different materials and design types.


SourceRabbit aims to raise enough capital through their Indiegogo campaign to secure volume discounts for larger scale orders of parts. Additional sales will be utilized to improve the lab’s equipment and support research and development plans revealed by its founder.


The crowdfunding campaign will begin October 18, 2015.


About Source Rabbit:

SourceRabbit, founded by Nikos Siatras in 2012, is a CNC technology lab and machines manufacturer in Athens, Greece. Initially, the company started as a software house that offered custom mobile, web, desktop and back-end software solutions. However, after he successfully built his own desktop milling machine prototype and recognized its capabilities, Siatras and SourceRabbit shifted their focus on manufacturing and engineering the product now called “Rabbit Mill”.

Learn more at https://www.sourcerabbit.com

About Indiegogo.com:

Coined “The World’s Crowdfunding Engine”, Indiegogo.com is the largest global fundraising site that helps individuals, businesses and non-profits raise money online.  Their model, technology and team of in-house experts make them the most-trusted platform in the crowdfunding industry.  They leverage all of their tools to amplify campaigns to raise maximum awareness and funds.  Used in over 224 countries and territories and in several languages, campaigns are seen by millions.

Learn more at https://www.indiegogo.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJV3A4cSnm9lIlePY42yDA/feed
See Campaign: https://igg.me/at/srabbit
Contact Information:
Press Contact
Name: Konstantinos Zervos
Title: Business Development Manager
Company: SourceRabbit.com
Phone: +30 694 446 11 72
Skype: Konstantinos.zervos
Email: kzervos@sourcerabbit.com

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Showcasing Street Performance In San Francisco





Showcasing Street Performance in San Francisco

The award-winning author Heather Jacks has released plans surrounding her latest book, which will showcase the art of street performance in the Bay Area.



United States – October 20, 2015: In her first book, The Noise Beneath the Apple®, Heather Jacks wrote of the busking culture and street music scene within New York City. She took photos, conducted intimate interviews and recorded music with 35 of New York’s most prominent street musicians. Her book later won a Book of the Year Award in the Performing Arts & Music category.


For the upcoming second installment of The Noise Beneath the Apple® series, Jacks will explore busking and street performance in the eclectic Bay Area. The new book will include a variety of stories, photos and of course, music.


I will be taking 30 of the best Bay Area buskers and street musicians into a recording studio.” explains Jacks. “We will create a unique version of the 1967 song by Eric Burdon and The Animals, San Franciscan Nights. A variety of instruments that symbolize the busking culture of the Bay Area will be incorporated, including an accordion, top hat, tuba, harmonica, cello, violin, trombone, sitar and a Gospel Choir. We will record the entire song in one day and one take.


In creating The Noise Beneath the Apple®: New York City book, Jacks successfully used the crowdfunding platform of Rockethub, and plans to do the same for the Bay Area version, to offset some of the costs associated with the creation and development of her upcoming project. Her new crowdfunding campaign for TNBTA®: Busk Loose: A Celebration of Busking in the Bay Area will launch on October 19 2015.


Jacks’ is also a Finalist in a Creative Studio/Ovation TV Contest for her 30 Buskers, 1 Song, 1 Day, 1 Take project. The contest is designed to help fund and spotlight crowdfunding projects. If chosen as the winner, Jacks will be the recipient of $5000 towards her crowdfunding campaign and have the possibility of being featured on TV.


To find out more information about Heather Jacks and her upcoming book TNBTA®: Buskloose: A Celebration of Busking in the Bay Area, visit the series website at www.tnbta.com.


To join the project page and learn more about the recording, visit https://www.rockethub.com/60945.




Youtube: https://youtu.be/Gq7ybXr_eE4
See Campaign: https://www.rockethub.com/60945
Contact Information:
Heather Jacks

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Crowdfunder: Equity Crowdfunding firm raises $3.5M in an oversubscribed Series A round of financing



NEW YORK — Top equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder raises $3.5 million in Series A round of financing set to benefit top firms on the technological and digital landscape such as GoCoin, Neil Young’s PonoMusic and Social Rewards among others.

In a Series A round, Crowdfunder was able to amass these funds from Venture Capitalists and acclaimed investors such as Tim Draper along with a body of accredited investors. Originally set for $2.5 million, the contributions soon outdid the target before settling at an additional $1 million in oversubscribed investments.

The financing round was inspired by the numerous equity crowdfunding campaigns for media and technology that have been launched on Crowdfunder, following a pattern of first raising funds for rewards validated on platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. One illustration is by Atlas Wearables that was able to successfully raise $600K in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, before closing an equity round on Crowdfunder. The platform also boasts the support of celebrities and other notable investors such as Sequoia Capital, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ David Weild, and TechStars to name a few, on its platform.

The Series A financing was announced on October 7, 2014 at The Grill in Los Angeles, a conference attended by other presenters and pioneers in the field of entertainment, media and technology such as representatives from NBC, top agencies for talent and Time Warner Studios. Chance Barnett, CEO of Crowdfunder, spoke at The Grill and noted that “we are uniquely positioned in the heart of the growing tech + media renaissance in Los Angeles, and with a growing number of successful financings under our belt, to connect new and exciting media and technology startups with the crowd of millions of investors who can now invest online.”

According to William Quigley, one of the many investors in this Series A round, “after more than 20 years of funding startups, I am excited that a resource like Crowdfunder has arrived. In a matter of minutes, I am able to identify the best new business concepts and most talented entrepreneurs who fit my investment profile.” This sentiment is echoed by many who have experienced the power of crowdfunding, not as it was in its initial stages of rewards and donation based, but as it has impacted the real estate and other equity arenas. David Drake, founder of The Soho Loft Media Group was quick to note that “crowdfunding is rapidly changing the Real Estate investment market, offering developers new ways to finance projects, small investors a way in, and the socially conscious an avenue to support their local communities-and their local farms.”

Other investors include Tim Draper, Maura O’Neill, former USAID Chief Innovation Officer during the Obama administration, and Marcus Segal, former Zynga COO.

Ever since the implementation of Title II of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act in September 2013, which supports the efforts of job creation through innovations, there has been an influx of accredited investors participating in online campaigns.

David Drake, Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group, says “Take your business up on the web and make way for flexible funding. Numerous popular online platforms will not only help you raise money fast for any business that you may happen to have, but will also help you get ready to start a viable business.”

Crowdfunder seeks to play an integral role in facilitating equity crowdfunding for these investors, using the momentum gained from their dabbling in other crowdfunding arenas of rewards and donations.

Crowdfunder will use the sum, raised in this Series A round, to further expand its ambitions in providing premium service in funding the top companies associated with entertainment, media and technology.

About Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder is where the power of crowdfunding meets investing for startups and small businesses. Entrepreneurs use the company’s platform to tell the story of their business and raise investment from a community of institutional and individual accredited investors. The company played a significant role in JOBS Act legislation, creating the new market for equity crowdfunding that brings private investing online.

For press inquiries please contact: Corbin Holt, email: press@crowdfunder.com


THE SOHO LOFT Media Group (www.thesoholoft.com)

The Soho Loft Media Group is a global financial media company with 3 divisions:

TIMES IMPACT PUBLICATIONS produces relevant content on investing and entrepreneurship that are published and syndicated in 100+ leading online publications and growing.

THE SOHO LOFT CONFERENCES organizes up to 200+ investor-focused global summits, talks and events annually.

VICTORIA GLOBAL Corporate Communications specializes in client Investor Relations, Public Relations, Branding and Social Media Marketing.

The Soho Loft Media Group is your global partner for your investment and business strategies.

For inquiries, contact info@thesoholoft.com or call 212.845.9652

Photo credit to i.ytimg.com

NEW YORK — Top equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder raises $3.5 million in Series A round of financing set to benefit top firms on the technological and digital landscape such as GoCoin, Neil Young’s PonoMusic and Social Rewards among others.
In a Series A round, Crowdfunder was able to amass these funds from Venture Capitalists and acclaimed investors such as Tim Draper along with a body of accredited investors. Originally set for $2.5 million, the contributions soon outdid the target before settling at an additional $1 million in oversubscribed investments.
Contact Information:
For inquiries, contact info@thesoholoft.com or call 212.845.9652

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Pin Up! The Movie Focuses On Vintage Culture


Documentary Debuts at Big House Los Angles Entertainment Festival

The world premiere of the new documentary Pin Up! The Movie is scheduled for November 5th at 9pm. It will be the closing film for the Woman Up Independent Film Festival, part of the Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival.

“Pin up and vintage culture are exploding – and no one’s made a movie about it,” says filmmaker Kathleen Ryan. She’s says she’s thrilled the film will have its world premiere in Los Angeles.

Pin Up! The Movie follows a group of women through their everyday lives, showing why they’re drawn to the retro style. There are two interrelated stories. In one, a group of women compete for the title of Miss 1940s White Christmas Ball. In the other, an established pin up photographer and her crew seek a fresh face for a magazine spread.

“People think that the pin up is just something men look at,” says director Ryan. “All the women I’ve talked with say they’re doing this for themselves. They love the power, beauty and sisterhood in the culture. The modern pin up’s a pretty feminist creature.”

The project is the third documentary from TaylorCatProductions, directed by award-winning director Ryan and produced by David Staton and Maria Elena Buszek (author of Pin-Up Grrls: Feminism, Sexuality, Popular Culture).

Ryan launched a Kickstarter campaign for the film this week. The campaign reached 35% of its goal in just two days. She’s helmed successful crowdfunding campaigns in the past. “Pin up and Kickstarter are a perfect fit. There’s sex appeal, a great story, fabulous characters, and terrific images.”

She’s seeking funds to license music as well as archival footage and images for the project.

Pin Up! The Movie will also have an interactive documentary, scheduled to be released in 2016. This i-doc includes a rich interactive experience, built using the platform Racontr, allowing viewers access to footage, games, photographs, music, and stories not seen in the film. Funds will also be used to develop the interactive documentary site.

Web: www.pinupthemovie.com, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PinUpTheMovie, Twitter: @PinUp_TheMovie, Blog: http://pinupthemovieblog.wordpress.com/, Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/pinupthemovie, Instagram: pinupthemovie, Flipboard: http://flip.it/3NmEY

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ShoppeThat Makes Vast Progress Since Revtech Accelerator’s Crowdfund Contest


ShoppeThat – an eCommerce Startup – has made significant progress since winning the People’s Choice Contest for Crowdfunding in June

McKinney, TX. Oct 19th 2015. ShoppeThat, Inc. – a graduate of the Revtech 2015 Program – via the People’s Choice Contest is leveraging the networks of the DFW retail-oriented Revtech Accelerator & Werx in McKinney & is accelerating plans. ShoppeThat will also be launching a campaign via McKinney-based CrowdBoarders.

About ShoppeThat

ShoppeThat is an ecommerce startup based in McKinney, TX. We are an online mall & shopping platform that combines the models of marketplace & discovery shopping engine. We are open to general merchandise across all of our departments with simplicity, transparency & better multi-channel tools for merchants & relevant products for shoppers. We are planning several other features such as kiosks & catalogs later on.

ShoppeThat has been featured in the Dallas Business Journal & the Revtech Blog as well as the Werx News Page since winning the contest.

Progress has been Vast – Lots of Research & Strategic Planning!

In the past few months since joining the Revtech remote program ShoppeThat has been able to take advantage of the workshops & more from Revtech & Werx. The Revtech network provides new opportunities for various stages of our plans. Progress Includes:

  • Receiving a $3K Investment from the Revtech Fund
  • Equity Valuation of ~$1.2Million according to Revtech
  • Immediately used some of the investment to join the Werx co-working space in McKinney – our current official headquarters – which has been a very good investment itself
  • Benefiting from the many workshops, mentors & other resources from Werx
  • Planning to stay at Werx for 6 months to a year
  • Plan to host events that offer free training sessions for merchants at Werx upon Beta completion
  • Attended Revtech Workshops via Remote & adding these to research & planning
  • Spent much of the summer doing research on how to accelerate our long-term plans
  • Through what we learned from Revtech & the Dallas Startup Scene – we can accelerate our longer term plans by an entire year including development of advanced features & some physical features like catalogs & kiosks – very exciting!
  • Planning for IndieGoGo & have access to expert mentor advice for crowdfunding
  • Discovered CrowdBoarders & will use this in place of LaunchLeader
  • Optimizing workflows for faster development & adding vital automation for marketing & operations
  • Currently still in early development but open to merchants now
  • Only two People’s Choice Winners were featured at the Revtech Demo Day however we are considering hosting a separate event ourselves in November & if possible it would be at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center next to Revtech
Our immediate goals:

Our focus now is to complete our research & move to the next steps. We hope to complete development & get out of Beta & move to ShopThat.co within 2-3 months. At which point we plan to reach our target traction goals & monetize once we have reached a min transaction volume – until then ShoppeThat is free for merchants. Amazon is closing Product Ads by Oct 31st, so we are adding a migration tool for retailers who use Amazon Product Ads & Amazon WebStores. We will then be preparing for IndieGoGo which will launch around the same time we monetize. For now, we are approaching a smaller donation campaign however we have moved to McKinney-based CrowdBoarders which has more flexibility. We’ll formally release this campaign soon.

“I look forward to leveraging the network from Revtech Accelerator, Werx & theDEC in Dallas. The opportunities for us are amazing in the DFW area in both the startup scene as well as retail & ecommerce scenes!” – Tristan Brisbon, CEO.

See Campaign: https://crowdboarders.com/shoppethat-marketplace
Contact Information:
Tristan Brisbon – Founder & CEO of ShoppeThat, Inc.
Phone 469-307-2339 – I’m happy to interview between 2PM – 5PM by phone or email anytime.

610 Elm St. STE #700
McKinney, Texas 75069
United States

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iCrowdNewswire amplia distribuição internacional com transações no Canadá, Brasil, México, Reino Unido e Espanha – com serviços de divulgação obrigatória na União Europeia

MIAMI – A iCrowdNewswire dá continuidade à expansão das suas opções de presença de distribuição e produtos com a inclusão dos serviços de conformidade regulatória nos principais mercados financeiros. Com a mais recente expansão, a iCrowdNewswire agora oferece serviços de conformidade regulatória no Canadá, União Europeia, Estados Unidos e Reino Unido.

“O mercado de serviços de divulgação regulatória está pronto para esta interrupção”, disse Hector Botero, Presidente e CEO da iCrowdNewswire. “Uma rápida avaliação do mercado e dos provedores de serviço mostra que podemos ter margens bem substanciais e oferecer taxas de varejo por 1/3 do preço oferecido pelos fornecedores tradicionais”.

Esta é a segunda grande expansão da presença de distribuição da iCrowdNewswire nos últimos 60 dias que está aumentando a sua penetração nos principais mercados financeiros com uma opção de custo efetivo para que as empresas listadas possam estar em conformidade com as divulgações necessárias. A rede de distribuição é composta de serviços bem estabelecidos com as necessárias aprovações, relacionamentos e tecnologias para a oferta dos serviços de divulgação regulatória. “Temos parcerias com organizações de primeira linha que operam há anos atendendo uma grande quantidade de clientes”, disse Botero. A rede inclui a FSCwire no Canadá; Regulatory News Service da Bolsa de Valores de Londres no Reino Unido; e as bolsas de valores Euronext e NASDAQ OMX na União Europeia.

Além de adicionar produtos de conformidade regulatória, a iCrowdNewswire está dando continuidade à sua expansão das relações públicas globais e internacionais, relacionamento com o investidor e produtos de alcance do consumidor. Como parte desta mais recente expansão, os contratos com a Comunicae na Espanha e no México, e com a Dino no Brasil expandem o alcance global oferecido para os clientes da iCrowdNewswire em todo o mundo. Em alguns casos estes novos relacionamentos são contratos bidirecionais que proporcionam para os parceiros um acesso ao conjunto de produtos competitivos da iCrowdNewswire vendidos nos mercados.


A iCrowdNewswire é uma empresa de tecnologia de mercado, conteúdo de mercado e de distribuição de press releases, concentrada no financiamento Alternativo, financiamento coletivo, SME e mercados de limites pequenos em todo o mundo. A iCrowdNewswire foi criada por um pequeno grupo de executivos seniores da Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Business Wire, PR Newswire e Marketwired em Berlim, Hong Kong, Miami, Nova York, Paris, Santiago, São Paulo e Cingapura.


Hector Botero

Presidente e CEO, iCrowdNewswire

Tel.: (305) 851-2068

E: hbotero@icrowdnewswire.com


A iCrowdNewswire dá continuidade à expansão das suas opções de presença de distribuição e produtos com a inclusão dos serviços de conformidade regulatória nos principais mercados financeiros. Com a mais recente expansão, a iCrowdNewswire agora oferece serviços de conformidade regulatória no Canadá, União Europeia, Estados Unidos e Reino Unido.
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