Baby Life Seat, Inc.

The Baby Life Seat prototype was tested at UL for the US Coast Guard. It is GPS-enabled, floats and self-rights in water. It is a car seat/PFD (like a life jacket for adults) for infants traveling. It has 3 patents and will be required by already existing law on airplanes and all boats with no global competitors. It is a licensing/branding business model for new parents who travel, for cruise lines/leisure boaters/airlines/and car seat manufacturers seeking to expand from automotive-only revenue streams into the marine and airline industries globally. It will be the first of several models with increasing hi-tech features and apps. It will be supported by all safety focused organizations, government agencies, etc.

The Baby Life Seat™, GPS-enabled infant PFD/car seat floats & self rights in water. Req. by law on Airplanes, cruise ships & leisure boats.
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William H. Sawyer
Tom Giacoponello

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