For customers, BarLink unlocks the doors to the hottest bars in town.

For bartenders, BarLink provides direct access to customers so they can grow their brand, their following, and their tips.


Let’s call her Julie. Julie is the reason we frequent that cozy dive down on Fourth and Main. It just wouldn’t be the same without her.

And to Julie, loyal customers like us are more than smiling faces: we’re part of the 20 percent of her customers who provide 80 percent of her tips.

But what happens when we bring a few friends to happy hour, only to find someone new tending bar? Did Julie finally finish her schooling? Did she move across town? And who is this new guy, with his weak drinks and his constant grimaces?

With BarLink, we wouldn’t have to wonder.

If Julie had BarLink, she could send out a notice to her most loyal customers, letting them know that she’d switched nights. She could build her own profile on BarLink and grow her brand without the awkward exchange of personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, or Facebook info.


BarLink is a simple, elegant solution to an obvious problem: though bartenders form the core experience of a good night on the town, they rely on the venue to market them, to generate foot traffic, and to keep the tips coming.

With BarLink, bartenders become their own source of foot traffic. Here’s how it works:

1. Create a profile on BarLink.

2. Select your work locations.

3. Share BarLink with your regulars.

4. Get more tips.

BarLink gives bartenders the ability to share, in real-time:

shift changes

new work locations

special offers

tailored messaging

group invitations

signature cocktails

Customers will always know where to go for the best drinks in town, and can even tip their barkeeps directly from the app. Once they download BarLink, they’ll be prompted to follow their favorite bartenders and select their favorite drinks. They get exceptional, personalized service, and you build your brand.



We’ve spent the past year developing and designing BarLink, and we’re thrilled to announce that the app is now available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store.

We’ll also be adding features like check-in and mobile tipping functionality, mapping, and rewards.


Dean Matthews – President/Founder: Dean has more than 20 years of experience in providing tech solutions to various industries. He’s consulted for Verizon, T. Rowe Price, and Fannie Mae, among others. He’s also served as an executive for Conteggo, LLC., Sympora, Inc. and Flamehosting, Ltd.

John O’Leary – Senior Sales Advisor: John is an information technology and software expert who’s served as Senior Account Representative and has run point on sales teams focused on digital content with Adobe, Oracle and Pitney Bowes Software. He has over 15 years of software sales experience.

Eric Chodkowski – Industry Liaison: Eric has 24 years of experience in the restaurant industry, serving family establishments, corporate restaurants, and college hangouts. He began bartending at Angelo & Maxie’s in Washington, DC and at Adam’s Mill Bar & Grill. He now serves as the General Manager at Mandu, a  renowned Korean restaurant.

Phil Anova – Industry Liason: One of DC’s premiere bartenders, Phil has worked his way through some of DC’s most reputable downtown establishments. A nominee for Eater Magazine’s 2014 Bartender of the Year award, Phil also received a Computer Science degree from the University of Maryland-College Park.

For customers, BarLink unlocks the doors to the hottest bars in town. For bartenders, BarLink provides direct access to customers so they can grow their brand, their following, and their tips.

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