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My name is Josie and I am a 32 years old entrepreneur from the beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, who loves food, traveling (when possible) and women studies.

Since I came back to my country from Miami, FL where I studied my Master’s degree, I have been struggling trying to repay the student loans I was forced to take to pay school.

While working full time, I was always looking and thinking about business opportunities that provided me a second income to pay all those student loans. And that’s when I founded Postales Bien Cool. A funny and original getting cards project to make you laugh.

Business Description

Bien Cool started in 2014 designing greeting cards with a funny and original twist; using unique puertorican slang.

As a full time employee, I was always looking for business opportunities that would allow me to be creative while providing me a second income to pay my student loans.

One night while surfing the internet, I came across a meme that gave me the idea to do something similar but with a more personal and unique touch.

Since the technology and mobile phones are in our lives 24/7, we do send cute messages to the person we love through a text message, but how would it work to transform the way we express our feelings using the traditional way with a modern style?

Postales Bien Cool most supportive and average customers are Spanish speaking women between the ages 18-44, with a good sense of humor.

Right now we have 20 points of sales and in the following days, we will be in 100 more :) This will put me in a very interesting situation because while my project grows, so does the cash flow requirements for the purchase of displays, and overall production.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished. Many, many friends and family members had helped me in one way or another, but I am more impressed in those “strangers” that are always sharing our designs on Social Networks and also putting me in contact with prospects clients.

Postales Bien Cool has a primary objective of exporting our products to specific markets in USA during 2016.

I kindly ask you for your help and assistance in helping Bien Cool continue its growth and expansion plans.

What is the purpose of this loan?

The Kiva loan will help me pay the inventory and display production to put my greeting cards line in more than 30 new point of sales.

Bien Cool started in 2014 designing greeting cards with a funny and original twist; using unique puertorican slang.
See Campaign: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/17220
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