Do you know your banker? Does he or she know you? Do you feel like they have your best interests at heart, or are you just another faceless customer with relatively similar needs?

People are searching for unbiased, straightforward answers when it comes to their finances, like the kind of advice you would get from a friend. That’s why bundlefi created a platform to bridge that gap, a platform to match consumers with Community Financial Institutions (CFIs) that meet their individual banking needs.  

Our proprietary platform is the solution the banking community and consumer population has been waiting for. Free to use for the consumer, bundlefi will also deliver high quality leads to local banks and credit unions at a price they can actually afford and in unprecedented quantities.

How can you join the community? Read on!


bundlefi address two big holes in the banking market:

1. Community financial institutions, like credit unions and regional banks, make up 95% of the banking market in America but own less than 10% marketshare. CFIs often provide better, more customized services, but they remain virtually invisible to the consumer under the crushing weight of mega banks’ staggering budgets. Why are people often better off with a smaller financial institution than they are with one of the mega banks? It’s simple: relationships.

Until bundlefi, there was no efficient way for consumers to find a CFI that meets their specific needs.

2. Acquiring new customers is a challenge all financial institutions face. With the enormous budgets mega banks allocate to marketing, it’s difficult for CFIs to compete in the digital age.

That’s where bundlefi comes in: marketing mavericks intent on connecting people with local financial institutions.

How does it work? Simply enter your zip code and complete a questionnaire with key information pertinent to your search for a financial institution. Our search algorithm then finds the financial institution that best matches your services, location, and product needs.

No product pushing, no hard sales. Only research and data.


bundlefi offers CHOICE for the consumer & ACCESS for the financial institutions.

Our mission is to connect people with an institution that truly suits their needs. Banking is about more than just products, it’s the foundation of financial success which is based on a solid, working relationship between both parties. Unlike our competitors, we aren’t pushing financial products, we’re simply connecting people.

For a small monthly subscription fee (substantially less than our nearest competitor) financial institutions will receive high quality leads generated from our users. bundlefi will level the playing field for smaller financial institutions, giving them access to consumers they previously could not have reached. This service is ONLY for community financial institutions, no mega banks allowed.

So, to sum it up:

provides qualified leads to smaller financial institutions — at a cost they can afford.

bridges the digital marketing gap allowing consumers to see local banks as a viable option and instantly connect with them.

is the solution both consumers and financial institutions have been looking for.


Our tests prove that both consumers and financial professionals want this service. During a 12-week lead generation study in which we only spent $10 a day on basic Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the results were staggering:

We will parlay that success to reach our end-of-2016-goal: to be launched in six states and their main cities, resulting in 6,600 branches and 5% market share.


bundlefi is the brainchild of Greg Pellitteri. With over 18 years experience in both large and boutique financial institutions, Greg brings deep expertise in retail banking customer acquisitions and relationship management. His focus was on commercial deposit and lending deals of $1mm-$50mm domestically and internationally. Greg is also a proven leader with a track record of creating positive work environments and motivating his teams. He has worked at JP Morgan Chase, State Bank of Long Island, and was most recently VP of Business Development at Sterling National Bank.

Michael began his career more than 20 years ago at a boutique private wealth management firm, where he quickly became the youngest VP in the company’s history. Additionally, he oversaw the Long Island region for the brokerage arm of a major international financial firm. In 2003, his entrepreneurial spirit took over and he formed his own company, PNI Capital Partners, where he currently serves as CEO. During his career, he has built many sales teams from the ground up. In addition to being an inspirational leader to his employees, he has taken his firm from a startup to a multi-million dollar business. He is a well-respected leader in his industry, serving on several advisory boards.

Joanne is a 25+ year marketing veteran specializing in direct marketing and branding. Prior to joining bundlefi, she ran a successful consultancy practice with clients ranged from startups to multinational corporations. An expert in neuro marketing (behaviorally adapted marketing), she is also a Fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest academic and professional marketing body. In addition to her considerable commercial experience, she is a post graduate lecturer in Marketing Communications Theory at universities on both sides of the Atlantic. An accomplished writer, Joanne is published in 7 countries and is a regular contributor to marketing publications in the UK and USA.

Before joining bundlefi, Anthony served as Principal and Director for Deloitte Consulting.  Anthony is a technology leader with over 25 years of extensive technology experiences including internet, security, ERP, and complex global implementation projects. He has a proven track record of leading multinational/multifunctional teams while serving financial, technological, and cross industry companies.

Rob Marriage began his career in technology while still in college at the State University of New York at Brockport. While majoring in communications with the intention of becoming a newspaper reporter, he spent his summers as a technical writer at Moore Business Forms. After graduating, Marriage continued working as a Technical Writer for both Bosch Security Security Systems and Xerox Corp until he was given the opportunity to change careers and become a Web Developer. In 2005, Marriage joined a startup called CUnet as a web developer, eventually becoming a Project Manager and later a Product Manager.

In late 2009, Marriage co-founded Appsalon, LLC offering online marketing services to Private Schools. In 2013, Marriage joined a fellow former CUnet employee at Lead Pro Direct, LLC where he continues to serve as Director of Technology.

Our proprietary platform is the solution the banking community and consumer population has been waiting for. Free to use for the consumer, bundlefi will also deliver high quality leads to local banks and credit unions at a price they can actually afford and in unprecedented quantities.
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