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Ana Maria Pinto | Zé Beato

Eliseu Silva | Joana Peres | Miguel Gullander


1st Event

12 December, 2015 | 21:30

Auditório Municipal de Gaia


Orquestra Bonjóia . Lusitanae Ensemble . Allatantou Dance Company . Xinganje & Kaviula

– The ‘Classic meets Africa’ Festival is a two-branched platform infusing Classical Music with African Diaspora Dances intended on gathering artists from distant cultures around the world. It promotes cultural enrichment by participating in the shows, workshops and other events. This festival will take place twice a year, during July and December.

– Another objective of this Festival is to raise funds for the Orquestra Juvenil Bonjóia (Portugal) and for the Centro Comunitário Okutiuka (Angola), in order to develop and strengthen musical projects in Portugal focused on social inclusion and the creation of dance companies and their respective artistic ateliers in african poverty aflicted locations.

– The ‘Classic meets Africa’ fundamental principles are Intercultural and Social Inclusion. It will act as a vehicle to create awareness and a higher conciousness of the the existing reality.  It will provide the creative tools to support and build large sustainable communities interlinking different cultures.

– The first ‘Classic meets Africa’ concert will be held at the Auditório Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia on 12 December 2015, and will have the intervention of Orquestra Juvenil Bonjóia, Lusitanae Ensemble, Companhia de Dança Allatantou and the musical duet Xinganje & Kaviula. The concert is organized in three parts, the first of which devoted to classical music, the second with African Diaspora Dances, and the third part constituted by a fusion between two cultural trends in the piece ‘A Dança de Xinganje & Kaviula’ for orchestra, capoeira groups and vocal ensemble. During the show all the above intervinients will share the stage in a real and strong artistic interaction.

– The platform ‘Classic meets Africa’ will also host talks and debates about the essence of classical music and respective artistis in real life and society, as well as to encourage the rediscovery of african cultural heritages, chant documentation and other texts passed on through the generations by oral tradition and that which could be lost through time.

The Classic Festival meets Africa , the Intercultural Festival , aims to promote communication between classical music and African dance through two annual events . The festival aims to raise funds for the Youth Orchestra Bonjóia and Okutiuka Community Center in Huambo .

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