Community Empowerment Through Sustainable Tourism

About This Project

What Backyard Tour is all about?

Backyard Tour is a new social enterprise that connects locals in Sarawak with travelers to empower them financially through community-based trips.


We makes it possible for locals from places of high tourism potential to explore the opportunity of community-based trips in their own backyards. We collaborate with the locals so that they are able to operate their own tour-guiding services and generate income.

Through this venture, we hope to:

    • Break rural Sarawak’s poverty cycle
    • Reduce rural to urban migration
    • Reduce unemployment & alcoholism
    • Preserve culture & tradition that is dying out

How Backyard Tour operates?

We work closely with the locals through the following steps:

Backyard Tour operate

Why do we start Backyard Tour in the first place?

We started this venture in February 2015 with a realization that the locals in Sarawak have valuable assets on natural beauty as they live in the Borneo forest rich in flora and fauna, along with their diversified culture and tradition.




We have experienced meaningful trips on our journey identifying these places and working closely with the locals. We hope you could experience it on your own as well.




What does Backyard Tour need?

All this while, Backyard Tour has worked with limited resources. Helps from friends and family members made it possible for us to continue connecting the locals with travelers.

However, in order for Backyard Tour to discover new places, make travelers feel more comfortable to travel with us and to help locals to generate more income, we need help in purchasing a vehicle and a camera.

Make your donation no matter what amount you give, be part of the movement to change the community, one trip at a time.

Backyard Tour focus especially on youths; they are to be trained as Backyard Tour Guides.

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Use Of Funds


Traveling in these rural areas is not an easy task. We require a vehicle that is capable to drive through these hilly roads. Another concern is also to capture memorable pictures and videos. We realized that traveling is more meaningful when our travelers look through our photo collections to reflect back on the good memories they had with us.

We will be able to purchase a second-hand vehicle and a camera with your donation. A second-hand Pajero will cost us at least $11,000. We will be able to handle last minute trip bookings and discover more beautiful hidden places in the interior of Sarawak and Sabah once we got our own vehicle.

Without a vehicle, we will have to rent for every trip booked through us. This will drive up our cost of transportation as the locals themselves do not own appropriate vehicles for incoming travellers. We hope to be the one who can support them in providing transportation or at least, rent the vehicle to them in a cheaper rate. However, we really need your help in order to do that!

A camera will cost us at least $300. We are looking forward to have every trip captured for an unforgettable moment with travelers. Without a camera on our own, we will have to rent from friends and relatives. This will indirectly increase our cost of every trip that we hold.


We want to purchase a van instead of the second-hand Pajero, along with the camera. Pajero will enable us to accommodate up to 6 travelers per trip but a van will enable us to accommodate 13 travelers per trip. The van will cost us at least $25,000.

Backyard Tour is a new social enterprise that connects locals in Sarawak with travelers to empower them financially through community-based trips.

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