Cycling lifestyle TV show: a planned eight episodes that will be filmed in various locations around Australia

Cycling lifestyle TV show

The story of the project

Take a ride with us as we pedal some of Australia’s best cycling routes. Along the way, we’ll taste tantalising food, sample fine wine and enjoy the adventures that life has to offer…this is A Cycling Life.

We have created a pilot episode and, based on the strength of that episode, the programming director of Foxtel’s Aurora channel has approved a prime-time slot upon completion of the first season!

One day, Jarrod and I, while covering a major cycling event in Melbourne, were discussing the current cycling media landscape and noticed a gap. There were TV shows for race enthusiasts and there were travel shows that occasionally covered cycling, but there didn’t seem to be an offering for the recreational rider, the person who rides in pursuit of a hard road, trail or adventure, as part of an active lifestyle. In that moment, we decided this situation needed to change.

We started by assembling the bones of a television show based around one ride per episode, be it a 30K hill climb, 100K road circuit or a day on the MTB trails. As the idea grew, we were in danger of seeming one-dimensional. Knowing that there are many couples/families with only one rider, but where the other members would like to be involved, the idea of including a lifestyle element seemed an obvious way to include the entire family.

This lifestyle component has enabled us to explore the non-riding activities that people may enjoy while on a break with their partner.

To this end, we visit wineries, epicurean food makers, restaurants, cafes and galleries. Additionally, we look at active pursuits such as bush walking, canoeing or horse riding.

To round things off, each episode will contain practical information segments that discuss the mechanics and maintenance of a bike, as well as health and fitness of riders and their families.

The first season is a planned eight episodes that will be filmed in various locations around Australia.

Unfortunately, shows like these don’t just fall together – they need funding. That’s where you can help:


Our target of $12,000 is the absolute minimum needed to complete a series. Without this funding, our hopes to make a cycling program that includes everyone, may never come to fruition.

What’s in it for you?

Quality, informative, entertaining, active lifestyle TV, so you can be saved from the revolving door of reality shows. You’ll also be supporting upcoming homegrown talent in Lisa Williams and Ben Lewis.

Business owners – this is a fantastic chance to expose your brand to a large, dedicated audience. Statistics indicate that TV is the most effective way to attract attention to your product or service. This is a fantastic opportunity for cost-effective exposure to a targeted audience.

We invite you to share this journey with us, so get on board and enjoy join the ride.


How the funds will be used

Everyone in the show is working for free but there are costs associated with production, especially if we want it to be an Australia-wide program.

We have developed a production model that is economical for 6 cast members and crew over a total of 18 days filming.

The number one cost will be planes, trains and automobiles. We could easily use the full funding on this cost alone but with careful budgeting we can keep travel costs below $5,000.

Accommodation costs can be kept around $2,600.

We have calculated that basic editing will come in around $3000, and as we already own most of the equipment we need, we don’t anticipate any extra requirements here.

Another cost we must consider is catering – it’s not a productive use of our resources if cast members starve and since they are donating their time we think it’s reasonable to feed them. We have budgeted $1600 for catering.

Any additional funds will be allocated to editing and/or equipment, with a view to enhancing the overall production process and final product.

Some of my other work

Our presenter is LIsa WIlliams.

Lisa is an actress and presenter who has been honing her craft in shows such asVictoria’s Islands, Pets Practice and most recently, Melbourne 22. One of Lisa’s greatest strengths is doing her own research (not as common as you think), so when she is talking with guests on the show she has a genuine interest in what they are saying.

Adventurous by nature, Lisa has a passion for the outdoors and can’t think of many things better than a hike in the mountains … but that’s only when she has spare time.

Our regular rider is Ben Lewis.

Not only has Ben completed Geelong 70.3 and Melbourne Ironman, he also competes in a multitude of other adventure sports. He comes to A Cycling Life through a combined love for cycling and an interest in acting. Having played various bit parts in TV shows such as Neighbours, Ben aims to be more hands-on with the production process and sees our project as a great way to learn and contribute, with subject matter close to his heart.

The show creators are Jarrod and Stuart.

Jarrod Partridge
As a professional cycling photographer and owner of JXP Photography, Jarrod witnesses the rush of track and the expanse of road racing first hand. This vast exposure and in-depth knowledge of the cycling industry lends A Cycling Life the knowledge and experience to hit the mark.
Jarrod has covered every major cycling event on the Australian calendar, providing the circuit with up-to-minute exposure via his Peloton Cafe cycling portal, and is the Media Manager for the hugely successful High5 Dream Team.
Recently, Jarrod started Upshift Tours, offering up-market cycling tours of Bali where participants experience the thrill of road riding as part of an overall travel experience.

Stuart Turner
Early involvement in the media industry was via extra roles in film and television such as Neighbours, Stingers and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Progressing to speaking roles in independent productions, oddly, it wasn’t until a breakout role alongside Guy Pearce in Jack Irish: Black Tide that Stuart figured he was probably of more value behind the camera. This realisation came from his involvement in the speculative paranormal investigation show Ghost File Investigations. In his capacity as a GFI team member, Stuart was not only an on-screen presence, he became heavily involved in the editing process, honing his editing and production skills enough to develop a pilot program that attracted a leading production company, and which is currently being marketed internationally.
Soon after, Stuart started Look Up Media, catering for personal and small business video productions, including online advertisements and book trailers.


While we have developed a very economical production formula, it relies on everything slotting into place. Any delays or issues during filming could quickly put a big hole in our budget. Fortunately, Lisa is a gun researcher and great at scheduling guests – no pressure Lisa!

Additionally, the funding itemised above covers basic editing only; this is the most labour-intensive part of the production process. Our greatest obstacle is in time management, i.e. the speed with which the edit can be completed. The more funds we can get together, the more we can spend on resourcing the edit process and the faster we can get the show to air … if you’ve ever seen the first season of Top Gear (where funds were limited) compared with subsequent seasons, you’ll understand what a difference funding can make to the quality of the final product.

Each episode will contain practical information segments that discuss the mechanics and maintenance of a bike, as well as health and fitness of riders and their families.
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