Rnd Labs Proudly Presents its first release ‘Death Stair’ a Competitive Multiplayer Stair Climbing Game for up to 4 people.

New indie video game start-up RnD Labs launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to finish development and release their debut title Death Stair. The company has set out to raise $12,000 to finish development and allow the game to be released digitally on multiple gaming platforms.

‘Think of it like 3D NES Donkey Kong with 4 players but instead of a giant monkey throwing barrels, it’s a deranged psychopath in a cannon firing beach balls to stop you from reaching the top of a seemingly never ending stair case.’

                                    -Matthew Dudgeon (Producer and Designer)

Players assume the role of either the Gunner or a Runner in this nonstop laugh out loud party game. As the Gunner, your only objective is to stop the Runner from reaching the top of the stairs before the time runs out. As the Runner your only objective is to reach the top of the stairs in one piece.

The gunner must play a very defensive game using a variety of ammunition to slow the Runner down, while the Runner is very manoeuvrable and must cleverly ascend the stair case while dodging everything thrown at him by the Gunner.

RnD Labs have almost finished the Classic mode in the game which is what you can see throughout the videos on their Kickstarter page but rest assured there is a lot more content on its way. They are setting out to create over a dozen party modes which turn the rules and objectives of the classic mode on its head. From cooperative 3 legged races up stairs to insane obstacle courses and even a giant trampoline dodgeball deathmatch arena!


‘We want to create a party game for people who like crazy whacked out fun.’

– Adam Short (Creative Director)


The team has turned to the community for funding through Kickstarter to help cover final development costs to actually release the game but we are willing and able, and with a little push from the community they are excited to bring their insane game into reality.

Death Stair will release Quarter 2, 2016 on PC with Xbox One and PS4 soon after that.

If you would like to know more about the Kickstarter project, please check the link below! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/235987834/death-stair-a-competitive-multiplayer-stair-climbi


Media Contact:

Matthew Dudgeon

Producer & Designer

(+61) 0426243595


Source: ICNW

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