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The story of the project

The Product

Tasmanian whisky is the new boutique product sweeping Australia and the rest of the world. As the birthplace of the revival of whisky in Australia, Tasmania has a climate that is perfectly suited to whisky production and distilleries have sprung up all over the state following in the footsteps of the Small Concern Distillery and Bill Lark (the Whisky Godfather). And the whisky world votes with its feet and puts its money where its mouth is: Tasmanian whisky is good. Damn good.

The Problem

Tasmanian whisky is, generally speaking, a very small operation. Distilleries producing several hundred litres rather than the millions of litres produced by Scottish distilleries every year. The smaller output means that the distillers and experts can put more time and attention into perfecting the product. However, this means that to turn a profit and run their businesses, Tasmanian distilleries charge quite a bit for a bottle than the Scottish, Irish, and American distilleries. It’s worth every cent, but having the good cents to buy a bottle is not something possessed by everyone who wants one. To buy a bottle from every Tasmanian distillery could cost in excess of $3,000 (the amount we are using as our target).

The Solution

What people need (or what we think they need) is a chance to taste a range of Tasmanian whisky to decide on which bottle to buy, or simple to have access to a dram when they feel like one drink. Those who have visited Lark, Sullivans Cove, Nant or Belgrove might want a drop of their liquid gold again to remind them of the amazing flavour or to keep for a special occasion. Those who have read Kudelka and First Dog’s “Spiritual Journey” and want to relive the cartoonists’ intrepid cycling tour from the comfort of their couches should be able to drink samples as their read their descriptions in the book. I’m sure at some stages of their journey, Kudelka and First Dog wished a product like already existed.

The Campaign

We want to create this very opportunity. We will make a tasting pack of 5 excellent Tasmanian whiskies chosen specifically to give both a good representative sample of the state’s best export and also to provide access to the more expensive bottles. People will be able to buy this pack as an educational flight for themselves, a present for friends or family, a reminder of the great time they had in Tasmania, or as the tasty trigger they need to book in a Tasmanian whisky tour and see for themselves what Tasmania has to offer.

How the funds will be used

The use of our funds is simple. It will go to purchasing Tasmanian whisky and sending it to people who want it (i.e. the people who support our campaign). So this includes the whisky itself, and bottles, postage and packaging. We will use our discretion based on what is available to buy bottles of Lark, Overeem, Heartwood, Belgrove, McHenry’s, Redlands, Hellyers Road, Sullivans Cove, Nant, and anything else we can get our hands on and split it up into packs to send to our supporters. Hopefully we can source some rare and unique drams to share with all those who pledge.

It costs about $10.00-$12.00 in postage per tasting pack to ship in Australia, so some of the funds raised goes to that, but we don’t think the supporters of the project will mind a little more packing to ensure their drams arrive safely.

No funds whatsover are used for administration, marketing, branding, promotion, kickbacks, bribery, protection money or dowries. It all goes to the reward you are choosing and the means to deliver it to you.

Some of my other work

We run Dramatic Drams, a small online whisky start-up aimed at providing access to whisky not widely available in retail shops and also out of a lot of people’s price range. We believe anyone who says that whisky tastes bad just hasn’t had the right one for them, and that if they are forced to drink the cheap stuff forever then they may never find it.
Unfortunately, while we can put one Tasmanian whisky in a pack (which we have done on occasion), it’s a bit expensive for us to make a part of our regular packs. Since we’re all about accessibility, we don’t want to be charging more than about $10 per dram. Tasmanian whisky would be a lot more than that in a bar and so it’s a risky thing to change the price of our regular packs. That’s why we thought that a crowd-driven project was the best way to test interest and make sure we weren’t driving away the regular customers who like a regular reliable price.

If you would like to look at our other packs, tasting videos, and other whisky credentials please feel free to visit www.dramaticdrams.com. The packs we make if this project is successful will have the look and feel of other Dramatic Drams tasting packs. The packs will look a lot like this but with labelling to represent the distilleries chosen:

This project is auspiced by Dramatic Drams supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol and complies fully with the applicable legislation, primarily the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 (Tas). Where appropriate, Dramatic Drams also complies with various liquor laws in other state jurisdictions (New South Wales: Liquor Act 2007, Victoria: Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, Western Australia: Liquor Control Act 1988, South Australia: Liquor Licensing Act 1997, and Queensland: Liquor Act 1992) and supports the responsible service of alcohol. ABN: 313 238 049 43. Liquor Licence: 77046


There is really nothing to stand in the way of this project besides not getting the requisite public support for enough bottles to make it worthwhile. The whole reason we cannot do this project without your help is that there is a large capital outlay for the bottles and if no-one wants them at the price point we set then there is no cost recovery.

This is unlike other commercial operations and there is a reason this is being kept separate from our Dramatic Drams packs. We want to showcase Tasmanian whisky and then let it speak for itself. We need your help to do that. The video you can watch at the top of this page is a description of our motivation for starting Dramatic Drams, and the exact same motivation applies to this project: access to whisky for enthusiasts who support it. 

Tasmanian whisky is the new boutique product sweeping Australia and the rest of the world. As the birthplace of the revival of whisky in Australia, Tasmania has a climate that is perfectly suited to whisky production and distilleries have sprung up all over the state following in the footsteps of the Small Concern Distillery and Bill Lark (the Whisky Godfather).

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqheckTyIXM
See Campaign: http://www.pozible.com/project/201883
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