Reduce rollover risk, reduce driver fatigue, reduce vibrations, reduce tire wear, reduce component wear, reduce freight damage, and maximize your ROI with BASE Suspension.

An Australian company now headquartered in Radford, Virginia, BASE delivers unparalleled truck safety by balancing the air pressure in current air suspension and appropriately distributing suspension forces.

Retrofitting trucks with the BASE Suspension will allow fleets to keep up with the emerging suspension technologies, increase profit margins, improve driver comfort, and decrease operating costs.

This revolutionary suspension technology is without competition and has been patented in the US, Europe, China, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

This new technology is the most significant development in commercial trucking since the initial introduction of the very first air suspension systems several decades ago. BASE Suspension advances the performance of air suspensions to their full potential and can be uniformly retrofitted on both tractor and trailer air suspensions, regardless of equipment age.

To see how BASE is reshaping the world of trucking, and how you can maximize your ROI with BASE, read on!


For an air suspension system to operate at peak efficiency, the system must be in perfect balance at all times. Airflow from the source (main reservoir) to the end (airsprings) must be managed in perfect symmetry. Bluntly put:  current air suspension is failing at this.

BASE was created to address this need for transportation companies with large truck fleets, fire fighting truck manufacturers, processing companies with a fleet — any big truck fleets, really.

BASE has achieved superior and logical reconfiguration of the air suspension system with a simple retrofit that can applied to any truck.

Company owners and drivers need this; long-hauls are daunting tasks: drivers get tired and sore from constant bouncing and vibrations, cargo and tires gets damaged with poor road conditions. Ultimately, it’s about getting the most bang for your buck. Instead of replacing that aging truck, restore it with a BASE Suspension.

Also, insurance companies have shown great interest in the BASE Suspension product. 

Maximize Your ROI

BASE Suspension reduces operating costs to the fleets and owner-operators through the following factors:

Less tire wear.
Equalized dynamic loading among all tires during braking, powering, and steering results in less cupping and flat spots.

More comfortable and smoother ride for the driver. Improve employee satisfaction and lower turnover with lower vibrations, less driver fatigue, and easier handling.

Better traction.
Less wheel unloading and more consistent contact with the road causes better traction during braking, acceleration, and in inclines.

More even wheel loading.
Improve both side-to-side and front-to-back load management.

Mitigation of uneven or shifted loads.
Keep your tractor and trailer level at all times, decreasing the risk of tip over.

Less cargo damage.


For those who understand the intricacies of air suspensions, we’re going to get into the details a little bit. For those who don’t, here’s the gist: we use two pressure protection valves where only one was previously used, while two ride height control valves distribute forces which previously caused large stresses on wheel and axle assembly.

BASE Suspension incorporates high capacity, low resistance air supply lines. All air line sets are equal length, ensuring equal volume side to side. Two premium ride height control valves are used – one on each side. Each ride height control valve is directly connected to the air reservoir.

BASE simply retrofit existing suspensions with new plumbing, using industry-standard leveling valves, air hoses, connectors, etc.

The BASE Suspension Working Principle:

The two Hadley ride height valves, one per side, combined with equal-length air hoses ensures equal air volume side to side and among the rear tandem axles.

The pneumatic balance among the airsprings on the tractor and/or trailer axles enables the suspensions to remain in perfect static and dynamic balance.


This means that all suspensions equally share in supporting the axle loads, while stopped and driving.


The end result is less tire wear and lower stress on the wheel and axle components, commonly caused by the dynamic load peaks that are present in conventional airspring suspensions.

In short, the BASE Suspension provides better ride, handling, and overall suspension performance in both highway and city driving.


BASE Suspension is not just an idea or a prototype — BASE is fully operational,  own their own building in Virginia, and are growing their market share every day.

After initial pilot studies back in 2013 resulted in resounding success, BASE began working with Virginia Tech, one of the leading research universities in commercial truck studies. Comprehensive testing has also been undertaken at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in Greensboro, SC.

All that testing and research has led to over 8,000 units solds and a lot of happy customers.

BASE Is Creating a Lot of Fans


BASE are also working with Perdue Farms in Salisbury, MD, a major chicken processing company with a fleet of around 450 trucks and 1,500 trailers, and have received interest from Fedex Ground who is looking to improve the safety on their 28-foot double trailer fleet. This fleet comprises over 33,000 single axle trailers and 9,000 single axle converter dollies, all of which run on air suspension.


Interested yet? A major opportunity currently exists to jump on board the BASE Suspension industry takeover. Current shareholders are liquidating their stock; please request access to the business plan tab of this profile for full details.

Reduce rollover risk, reduce driver fatigue, reduce vibrations, reduce tire wear, reduce component wear, reduce freight damage, and maximize your ROI with BASE Suspension.
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