After two and a half years of diligent R&D and market testing and research, built on six years of commercial use of the core platform, Eleetus has hit major chords with residential users and the AV integrators and other third party suppliers who serve this market, as well as a broad range of commercial market channels. 

The Eleetus Simulator was developed by Bill Bales the Founder of INC 500 AboutGolf, the world leader in golf simulator technology. The Eleetus Simulator is currently available and being marketed for motorsport as well as aviation, with further derivatives to come.  Eleetus Motorsport has been a major hit everywhere it has been exposed, including auto-related events and shows, commercial facilities, and the private market.  Eleetus Aviation was a darling of EAA Airventure, attended by over 500,000 aviation fans, and has been adopted by the U.S. Marines for pilot recruitment. 

At the recent CEDIA gathering of U.S. AV integrators, Eleetus kicked off its residential program with an unexpected level of positive reaction, which has resulted in immediate sales and ingegrator partipation.

Key to the universally overwhelmingly positive reaction by virtually everyone who has experienced the Eleetus Simulator is its unique motion platform, with forty degrees of movement in pitch and roll, and lesser but meaningful movement in surge, sway, and heave.  And, via our unique patented technology, we’re able to accomplish this via an extremely robust and durable system at a fraction the cost of competitive systems.

Check out the video below to get a feel for the fun factor of our system. 

The initial major sales efforts will be directed toward the $14.2B residential home entertainment market via building a robust network of AV dealers (8500 in the US).  In addition, the Eleetus simulator taps into the $11 billion (and growing) video gaming and simulation industry and its maturing demographic looking for the ultimate simulation and gaming experience.  But, with respect to demographic, we’ve found that virtually all demographics find the system addictive.  

The former bodes well for our goal of growing domestic residential business to 70% of sales.  The latter has already proven to provide compelling ROI numbers for commercial customers.  Co-Founder Greg Lumsden has for decades been a leader in lead generation and business delelopment at the CEO level with major corporate entities.  He has developed a unique plan that is already bearing fruit.

This system is not a me-too arcade system.  It’s a very accurate and robust simulation system that conveys relative G forces in the movement of vehicles.  And while our simulator today is compatible with over 30 racing and flight titles as well as roller coasters, our content model is second only to our motion platform as a go forward strategy.  Our content plan is rich, but highly cost effective. And it will always have a high fun factor. 

We plan on tapping into existing third party content that can be adapted to the motion platform.  This includes a broader range of action games, educational virtual worlds such as a tour through the human body, point of view action videos, and the rapidly growing world of action adventure movies via several hollywood-quality distributors.  Pertaining to the latter, home theater integrators have expressed a high level of interest in theater chairs mounted on the Eleetus motion platform.

Currently, we have secured and initially delivered on an expected long term relationship with the U.S. Marines for pilot recruiting. We have delivered to a major research university for automotive powertrain R&D and testing–funded by one of the world’s largest auto companies. We are building a field testing plan with one of the world’s largest arcade game companies. And, we will be replacing competitive systems at a growing indoor karting chain. 

We are further working with major bowling centers, have commercially and very successfully sold into indoor golf centers, and have created a number of strong relationships with home AV integrators—which we believe will be our largest domestic market channel.  We have further been chosen as the simulator for a new indoor racing center project for 2016, and will be pursuing indoor racing centers located in over thirty countries. 

Our highly experienced team enables Eleetus to achieve all phases of the development of the business and evolving plan extremely timely and cost effectively.

Whether for your man cave, media room, home theater, game room, or with respect to the many commercial market channels available, the Eleetus motion-based simulation, gaming, and entertainmet platform has the potential for significant growth. This product engages family and friends in an unusually social environment of fun and addicting entertainment.


Eleetus simulators have the unique advantage of being very robust and reliable, and at a much more affordable price point than other sims. Our two current derivatives are delivered via Eleetus Motorsport and Eleetus Aviation.


Both products use the same base, seat, and wraparound screen, and interchangeable controls are available. Both Eleetus Motorsport and Eleetus Aviation are simulation in motion.

Whether you’re looking to jack up the excitement quotient in your game room or man cave or train a future generation of fighter pilots, Eleetus simulator is what you’re looking for.


Our mission is to fully exploit our unique and patented motion platform into a deep and broad range of entertainment content.  We stand out in that our motion is not only robust, it is designed to provide a very realistic experience. 

We are convinced that in order to provide the best experience, the display must be system mounted to move with the platform, however we are able to make changes in the graphics rendering of games and adventure rides to enable a robust experience in the likes of home theaters.  These innovations enable our system to provide great accuracy in relative G forces and other movement.  Accuracy translates to repeat usage–a system with “legs”.  No other system puts this all together as we do with such value. 

Accuracy and realistic sim experiences involve more than moving a screen, however. We realized that seat motion was so vital that our patented design offers an additional three degrees of freedom (five total) in a system priced in the two degrees of freedom class.

Via our exclusive patents, we raised the fulcrum of the platform well above the actual base creating a means of adding further degrees.

Three Bonus Degrees of Freedom: Surge, Sway, and Yaw.

Surge is laterally moving forward/backward, sway is laterally moving side to side, and yaw relates to the likes of “fishtailing”.


Our founders have personally invested over $1 million to fully complete the Aviation and Motorsport versions of the system. We’ve also started development of add-ons and enhancements including what will be identified as Eleetus Amusements. 

Eleetus Amusements will continue our expansion with the goal of being a home amusement park for residential application, and provide a range of entertainment options for commercial applications, including action adventure theaters. Discussions with residential AV integrators and other third party suppliers provide a very strong indication that our plan for delivering a great depth and breadth of content will be extremely appealing for home theaters, media rooms, and game rooms.

Our platform has been tested and validated over the last two plus years, and since early 2015 via a range of different types of “soft launch” customers. 

One such customer has been the U.S. Marines. After extensively testing the Eleetus flight simulator, the Marines granted us a contract to create a custom version of our system to be used in the recruitment and training of new pilot candidates.  We have more recently been asked to offer a larger and more expensive version, and the Marines are looking to expand with multiple systems in at least six recruiting zones.

Another big potential partnership is with a major arcade gaming company. They are interested in placing our system in family entertainment centers around the world. This would be a more versatile partnership with an ever higher ROI than the military contract.

Last but not least, the University of Windsor, a major Canadian research university, has acquired an Eleetus system related to the R&D and testing in the automotive field.  Their research is being funded by a major auto company.

But as stated earlier, Eleetus is placing it’s intial sales and marketing efforts toward the residential market and in reaching this market via the AV home integrator industry, where over 8,500 integrators generate $14.2 Billion in U.S. sales.

Our plan to expand our residential presence (Man Cave, anyone?) includes a concerted program to enlist at least 100 integrators by the end of 2016.  The upcoming Eleetus Amusements derivatives will further serve this market.

Our big push moving forward is to consolidate all moving parts in our production. Until very recently, a company called BlueTiger owned the IP rights to our motion platform. BlueTiger has had systems in the field for over six years—with virtually no failures. Through a transaction described below, Eleetus has  acquired the exclusive rights to all of the assets of BlueTiger, including their future book of business and all IP, designs, software, and the like.  Securing these rights from BlueTiger was key to our future success.

An affiliate of Eleetus — YT Platform, owned by Eleetus Chairman Greg Lumsden, funded and has completed the acquisition of BlueTiger in November. YT Platform has assigned all IP rights to Eleetus, and has provided a very easy path for Eleetus to acquire ownership to these rights.

To find out how you can get involved, make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile.


Prior to Eleetus, Bill co-founded Friendly Software Corporation in 1989. The company produced consumer software from financial advice to math skills games for kids to a series of golf games that included Microsoft Golf,  the most used off-the-shelf PC game in the US at one time.

Friendly Software was also a pioneer in the field of advergaming, and enjoyed two very profitable years producing gamified marketing tools for major companies such as the American Advertising Federation and Chrysler Corporation.

In 2002, he founded AboutGolf, a US premium indoor golf simulator company which has been the North American leader since 2005, and an INC 500 Company since 2007. The company remains extremely profitable and is recognized as having the world’s leading technology.

Prior to Eleetus, Lumsden spent twenty-seven years in the mortgage banking business, operating Countrywide Mortgage’s flagship division (quadrupling business in six years), and then founding a new company within Countrywide–Full Spectrum–which he grew to revenues of $900 million in eight years, including 320 offices and 7,500 employees.

Lumsden retired in 2008 upon Bank of America’s acquisition of Countrywide, but continued in entrepreneurial endeavors and consulting on various areas of marketing and lead generation with which he was so successful at Countrywide.  Lumsden also has had great success and experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

Jamie Kaufman is a 2001 graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Kaufman has a diverse background working primarily in the area of micro and small enterprises both as a sales leader and management consultant. His last corporate role before joining Eleetus was as Assistant Vice President of Sales & Marketing/Director of Sales Operations for an International Technology firm. During this time he oversaw global sales operations, global training, and North American field sales management working with 12 reps and 10 rep firms across 6 continents. Having worked in fields as diverse as high-end consumer electronics, management consulting to medical sales and financial services, Mr. Kaufman has a wide breadth of knowledge in direct sales, sales operations, sales management, and general training needs.>

Aden is a graduate of prestigious Waterloo University in Waterloo, Ontario.  His undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering, and his Masters in theoretical physics.  Aden has studied a broad range of engineering, physics, and science, and headed a premier research chair under Dr. John McPhee at U. Waterloo, funded by Toyota and Maplesoft.

David has been developing businesses for over thirty years, consulting successful software and tech firms.  He is the co-founder of Mariposa, one of the United States’ premier catastrophe insurance adjusting firms.  David has been instrumental in a number of key advances in marketing and sales by Eleetus.

Steve Hoeft is a business growth expert, combining marketing and data to help clients discover, learn and repeat “the repeating what works.” His agency has been recognized twice by the Inc500 for providing clients with marketing insights, strategy and implementation. As a content marketing expert Steve leverages the strengths of a company to generate inbound, organic leads into an automated growth funnel platform for conversion to sales. He has developed strategies for aggressive growth companies from start-ups to Fortune 1000 firms including SeaWorld, Anheuser-Busch and AT&T. Previously he ran the integrated marketing division at multi-billion dollar DMB&B and was president of Summit, a $110 marketing firm. 

Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. is a public relations firm focused exclusively on creating and implementing successful public relations strategies and first-rate special events for golf industry clients. Led by former Furman University golfer, Mary Beth Lacy, the firm has played an instrumental role in the growth of such industry notables as Adams Golf, aboutGolf, Miura Golf, Antigua and Sunice,  Tom Watson and Butch Harmon, The Squeeze Golf Movie and most recently Carnoustie Sportswear and Eleetus Simulators.

The Eleetus Simulator was developed by Bill Bales the Founder of INC 500 AboutGolf, the world leader in golf simulator technology. The Eleetus Simulator is currently available and being marketed for motorsport as well as aviation, with further derivatives to come.
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