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ffrank is a social comparison platform that gathers and analyses data about people’s characteristics, health and thoughts to find groups, themes and anomalies.
Think of it like a real-time SurveyMonkey that’s been hacked by an agony aunt, a big data scientist and a games developer!

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The platform will power two unique products:

1: ‘fflocks’ – a free smartphone app which gamifies the giving of anonymous data.
2: ‘ffathom’ – a B2B dashboard which monetises the data.

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We believe that ‘fflocks’ is a fun and intriguing app that lets you compare yourself anonymously to other people (particularly to those that share traits with you) by instantly feeding back personalised statistics as you answer surveys, quizzes and polls on anything that interests you (even personal things such as medical conditions).

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‘ffathom’ will be simple to use but a powerful tool for those who buy and rely upon accurate research. It will give access to the uniquely honest social insight the app collects, and all the connections ffrank discovers.

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Intended impact

‘fflocks’ app:
We believe that ‘Social comparison’ on this scale is a virgin territory – the next frontier. There are bucketfuls of apps that enable us to broadcast and share – but actually most people spend alot of time looking inwards. It’s part of human nature to compare ourselves to others around us.

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We also know online/app quizzes and polls are already very popular, and ffrank takes them to the next level by adding the instant comparison and grouping elements.

We believe that as you find out more about yourself, and how you compare to the various ‘fflocks’ you belong to, the more interesting and addictive it becomes.

‘ffathom’ dashboard:
We believe ffathom will have a truly disruptive impact on the research market for three reasons:

1: Access to the data analysis via ffathom is simple, open ended, and the results easy to understand.
Our view is that this is tremendously useful to researchers who are used to having to proactively plan qualitative or quantitative research because a) the data is already there to be explored, and b) even unexpected ‘qualitative’ data is easily presented in statistical format, so ffrank solves the problem of researchers’ clients not taking ‘anecdotal’ sample based evidence seriously.

2:We believe that the raw data fflocks collects will be the most contextual and accurate ever compiled (Because fflocks is anonymous, and it’s in a user’s interest to be honest to get accurate comparisons). It’s accepted that with traditional research, people do behave differently when they know they are being monitored.

3: Every piece of data fflocks collects, however disparate, is cross-referenced to find groups with shared traits, and ffathom automatically flags themes and anomalies within these groups. If any of these flags are interesting, exploring further is just a click away – or a researcher can create simple polls or more complex surveys within ffathom which will appear instantly in a fflocks user’s feed.

Again, we think this is unique to the market.

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Substantial accomplishments to date

We have devoted countless hours to researching, testing and developing aspects of the platform, and the theories behind the algorithm.

Actions include:
● Design of fflocks app interface and UX.
● Design of ffathom dashboard Interface and UX.
● Database & Algorithm exploration, planning & testing.
● Web app prototyping.

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We’ve been in on-going discussions with connections in medical research and marketing to give us insight to work backwards from their commercial needs, and this has already generated advanced interest in both fflocks and ffathom.
We’ve also assembled a top class core team to build and market fflocks app and sell the ffathom dashboard, and attracted three highly experienced and connected advisers into our team to guide the growth of the business.


Use of proceeds

The proceeds will enable ffrank to accelerate the pace towards revenue generating stage.

In-house completion and roll out of the app and dashboard /payroll – 43%.
Marketing the app launch – 40%.
Overheads/infrastructure – 7%.
Contingency – 10%.

ffrank is a social comparison platform that gathers and analyses data about people’s characteristics, health and thoughts to find groups, themes and anomalies.
See Campaign: https://www.seedrs.com/ffrank
Contact Information:
Martin Hill
Rune Laang
Stephen Knapp
David Sidwell
Adam Fairbrother
Kay Fisher

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