Brooklyn, NY, November 2nd, 2015 – Keap, a Brooklyn-based startup, announced this morning that it is raising funds to launch a new range of designer candles. Having hit over 50% of its $25k goal in just 6 hours, this is no ordinary candle.

“We’ve made a candle that took everything you love about a designer candle, but made it affordable and also support a meaningful cause,” explained Harry Doull, Co-Founder of Keap. “We love designer candles because they give character and identity to our living spaces. However, the candles that have great design and great scents often cost more than $60. We’re not sure who can afford to burn that. When we researched the industry, we realized that these outrageous prices were driven by markups that don’t have a reason to exist in the 21st century. We didn’t think we should have to compromise on design to stay within our budget. ”

Keap was born out of passion to help you turn any space into a home, with an exceptional range of candles. The result is the first range of Keap candles, combining the finest fragrance, thoughtful design, and honest price—all while supporting a cause.

The two founders lived together on Keap Street, Brooklyn when they first moved to New York, and left Google, moving to innovation hotspot Industry City to develop their line of candles. “We examined every aspect of the candle industry, and found ways to improve it,” Doull explained. “Our coconut-based wax is the most sustainable on the market, and gives off less smoke and toxins, while burning more slowly. It may cost us more, but it’s well worth it. We’re also really proud of our fragrances; we developed them meticulously in New York City with the help of a local perfumer with decades of experience in crafting luxury-grade boutique perfumes. Steve and I are very proud of these aspects of our business, but what thrills us most is creating each candle by hand, selling them directly to our customers, and passing on the savings to them. They know they are receiving the best product at the best possible price.”

Further distinguishing Keap from the industry is their commitment to a social cause. “When we decided to start a company, we realized we had this great opportunity to make a big difference. We founded Keap as a public benefit corporation with a built-in social mission: to bring light to those not fortunate enough to be connected to the electrical grid. For every candle you buy, you support the distribution of a solar lamp to a family in need, through our partners SolarAid. Furthermore, we’ve created a product that has the least impact on the environment by using sustainable materials throughout our production. In fact, we designed our labels to have no residue, so that they can be easily peeled off, and our containers easily repurposed as designer glassware.”

Keap will be selling their candles exclusively online. They are now available for an exclusive price of $25 via their Kickstarter

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