“Your new wing man, breaking the ice one wink at a time” ; )

The hardest part about meeting someone new is the introduction, breaking the ice per say. We’ve learned to interact with new people quite easily online, but it’s much easier to poke someone on Facebook than it is to say “hello” in real life. We approach strangers through social networking sites daily, but once we log off we feel a disconnect when we go to socialize in real life. This app merges real life & online life.

Sometimes guys don’t want to approach that beautiful girl or buy her a drink in fear of rejection, this app is a simple way to show you’re interested. How much time have you wasted getting to know someone at a club only to find that they are in a committed relationship, this app will let you vet someone and see if you even have anything in common before speaking with them. Easily exchange your contact information to stay connecting once you leave the party. Flirt will turn wallflowers into the life of the party!

The way the app works
The app is integrated using GPS technology, so when you go to a certain place (nightclub, bar, casino) it will show you profiles of people who are physically there at the same place as you. Say you see someone who you are attracted to, you can log into your app and view the persons profile to get to know a little more about that person before you approach them. You can send them a virtual wink, it’s like a poke on facebook but integrated in real life. After you show interest they can check your profile out. This breaks the ice, and brings the confidence you have on the internet in real life.

The app has a profile page for the user and also has questionnaire you can fill out in the paid version (like You have an option to set the settings to only show you people who you are compatible with, or you can choose to see all.

It lets the person know that you noticed them. You can talk to someone through a few different ways. You can send a wink with a compliment, or you can add the person as someone you would like to speak with through an instant message. If you like your conversation via text you can ask to meet the person at the bar to continue the conversation.

Flirt app also has a feature called secret admirer. If you’re too shy to reveal yourself to someone that caught your eye you can even send them a wink via secret admirer, this creates a sort of mystery.

This app also has a feature called Toast, it will be integrated to where you could even buy them a drink through the app with a message for ex: here’s a toast to you, you look beautiful tonight.

In the future I would like to integrate the app with floral services such as for example. Imagine seeing a girl at the club you admire and she gets flowers at her doorstep the next day from someone on flirt, this could also be sent as a secret admirer.

The settings on the application will have privacy settings letting you choose for only your matches to contact you, for people you approved winks to contact you, for secret admirers to contact you. To let someone buy you a drink, or send you flowers, or something on your wish list (a feature I plan to incorporate in the future from a vendor such as amazon)
The reason you can send these things to someone you flirted with is because the application knows the users address, and this is kept private. Since the flowers are sent through the app we have the information so it is kept private.

Another feature on the app is you can exchange contact information, you no longer have to write it on a napkin or take your phone out to do so. This also has levels which you set in the privacy feature. For example you can choose to disclose your email, Facebook, twitter, snap chat, Instagram, or Skype screen names to be contacted via there, or if you really like who you flirted with you can exchange numbers with our virtual flirt cards.

Most venue locations have check in, where you can check in online so this app will integrate those services. If someone checks in they are visible on the flirt app.

There is a light and a paid version of the app. The real value in an app is to get MANY downloads, I feel this app is so revolutionary that once someone tries it out once they will want to purchase it. With the light version you can download and try the app out allowing you to flirt with a certain amount of people let’s say 10 winks, until the app asks you to upgrade to the full version.
As much as social media connects us, it disconnects us in the real world. This application merges the two. It’s become much easier for us to flirt with someone online, because everyone fears rejection. Since everyone is always on there phone when they go out, they can make connections with people who are actually there, not ones they probably won’t meet. I do see this application as the future of dating, its kind of your virtual wing man.

There are not many apps that use GPS technology to speak to people who are at the same location as you. You might think to yourself who needs an app when you can just approach that person! Well if it were so simple to meet people in real life, people wouldn’t spend hours on social networking sites to meet people. Take for instance MATCH.COM people go on there to find someone special they would like to date, in reality they could have passed that person in real life without saying anything, being shy or fearing rejection. This app solves that problem for people. It allows you to meet someone new online that you actually get the chance to speak with in real life.

Next time you go out to a bar take a look around the room to see how many people are on their phones. Since everyone has their phone in one hand anyways, why not have an app they can use to meet people around them. This app will change the way people interact, and date. I truly believe in the potential of this app, it’s revolutionary.

Everyone I’ve run the idea by said they would definitely download it and use it. I see many ways to make money from it, not only through downloads, but also through teaming up with alcohol company sponsorship (for example all of the drinks you can send to someone will be ciroq) florists, and amazon for the wish lists, advertising, and even licensing. Also promoters will be able to host Flirt sponsored parties.
The app could be set up that when you buy someone a drink you only have a few specific choices with 1 brand of alcohol, good way to guerrilla market an alcohol brand.

Imagine going out one night, and the next day you have flowers at your door from a secret admirer from flirt! I know that would make every girls day!
With this app the person has the freedom to speak to someone and set up their settings to which they feel comfortable. This is the only app that lets you connect, to connect in real life real time.

This app is a virtual wing man, where dating and technology merge

What makes this app so unique

  • This application is like nothing on the market, you can finally connect on your phone to connect in real life! It’s an icebreaker and a virtual wingman

Why we need your support

  • application development/integration
  • marketing
  • launching

The app is integrated using GPS technology, so when you go to a certain place (nightclub, bar, casino) it will show you profiles of people who are physically there at the same place as you. Say you see someone who you are attracted to, you can log into your app and view the persons profile to get to know a little more about that person before you approach them.
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