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Place The Light Where You Need It

FLUXO is an award winning design pendant lamp that allows you to move the light in any direction using simple paint gestures on your phone!

Instead of dimming the light in your room, you adjust the direction of your light to place it where you need it. With FLUXO, any light setting is possible using just one pendant lamp!

Examples of light settings using only one FLUXO
Examples of light settings using only one FLUXO

Indirect Light To Create The Perfect Mood

Direct light can sometimes be too bright or create unpleasant glare. Indirect lighting via the ceiling can create a very pleasant light ambience. However, currently available solutions can be very expensive and difficult to install. FLUXO is the first lamp where you can easily upgrade any room to get indirect light with just one lamp! You can even choose multiple colors for the indirect light, to create the perfect mood for any situation. With FLUXO you don’t need additional colored mood lights anymore.

“Paint Your Light” For Intuitive Adjustment

The adjustment of the light is very easy with FLUXO’s free companion app. Just pick a color and paint the light in the desired direction. The more you paint, the brighter it gets, while the other parts of your room will stay dimmed. To give you a real-time feedback, FLUXO will light-up immediately while you paint.

We use so-called “light scenes” to store your favorite light settings. You can store any setting as a light scene and come back to it with just one swipe in the app. The app also allows you to control several FLUXOs and switch between them easily.

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We believe that smart lighting products must be visually appealing and built with high quality materials. This is why we put a lot of effort into FLUXO’s design. The heat sink is made from anodized Aluminium and the powerful LEDs are covered behind a durable anti-glare diffuser. The lamp is designed and manufactured in Europe. FLUXO’s design already won the Silver Award at the 2015 London Design Award.

FLUXO is a LED pendant lamp with up to 2800 lumen output when fully illuminated. This is about as much light as a 200W incandescent bulb provides.

FLUXO uses high-quality white LEDs that provide adjustable warm to cool light with one of the highest color-rendering index (CRI) on the market. In addition, it’s uplight has red, green, and blue LEDs to provide a full color mood light to the ceiling. The LEDs have a lifetime of up to 60.000 hours at full power, so that FLUXO will easily last over 10 years.

Installing FLUXO is easy. It comes with a specially designed ceiling mount to fit it to any kind of flat ceiling surface. It has an universal power supply, so that it can be directly connected to any outlet on the ceiling.

Smart Home Functionality

Smart Learning

FLUXO learns from your behavior by analyzing which light scenes you use during the course of a day. This helps FLUXO to predict the most likely light scene whenever it is turned on (automatically or using the light switch). For example, when you are going to the bathroom during the night, FLUXO will turn on the appropriate “dimmed” light scene to illuminate your way without blinding, or, when you watch TV most days at 8pm, FLUXO turns on your favorite TV light scene when you enter the room. If you are not satisfied with FLUXO’s suggested light scene, you simply swipe to the desired scene, which will improve the next prediction. You can, of course, turn this feature off, if you would like to use FLUXO in places where it is not desired.

Presence Detection

FLUXO uses presence detection sensors to turn itself on when you enter the room in the dark. Whenever you leave the room, FLUXO turns itself off to save energy and protect the environment.

Click Detection

When you don’t have your phone with you but want to change to another light scene, you can do so by simply turning the light switch off and on again. FLUXO recognizes this “click” and switches to the next light scene.

What’s next

This is all just the beginning! We have carefully engineered FLUXO to include all relevant sensors and a future-proof bluetooth wireless module, so that we can add new features through our regular software updates. We have many great ideas on our roadmap and are eager to bring them in your hands as soon as possible!

What Makes FLUXO Unique?

FLUXO is much more than just another smart lamp. We have put thousands of hours of engineering into the development of FLUXO to make it the ultimate smart lamp. Specially designed electronics control over 300 white and colored LEDs individually and several sensors interact with the environment. Our patent-pending optics realize the directional lighting effect without any moving parts in the lamp. The carefully crafted heat sink is integral part of the overall product design, keeping the LEDs cool and ensuring a long lifetime.

Some Of Our Prototypes

We have spent the past year designing, prototyping, coding, testing and iterating to develop FLUXO. With each iteration we were able to improve the design as well as the technology.

Incandescent → Smart Bulb → FLUXO

Due to the ban on incandescents, most light bulb manufacturers started developing smart LED bulbs. At Luke Roberts, we think that these bulbs are only a transitional technology that will vanish soon and that LED lamps, such as FLUXO, are the future of smart lighting.

Smart bulbs:

Typical set of smart LED bulbs
Typical set of smart LED bulbs
  • Smart bulbs require additional fixtures for each bulb
  • Light output of a single smart bulb is rather low
  • One smart bulb can only produce one color and brightness at a time
  • Smartness and advanced features require a hub and Internet connection

FLUXO Smart Lamp:

FLUXO is a smart lamp with integrated LEDs
FLUXO is a smart lamp with integrated LEDs
  • FLUXO is a full LED fixture – not just a bulb
  • FLUXO is about as bright as 4 smart bulbs to illuminate even larger rooms
  • FLUXO’s independently controllable up- and downlight gives you unprecedented flexibility
  • FLUXO allows you to place the light in different directions
  • FLUXO’s heat sink is big enough to keep LEDs cool and ensure long lifetime
  • FLUXO’s smartness is in the lamp, it does not require a hub nor internet connection

The Team Behind FLUXO

Our team combines 20+ years of experience in electronics and software development, product design, as well as 25+ years of experience in the lighting industry.

The two co-founders, Lukas and Robert, are both engineers, experienced in software and hardware development and worked several years in industry and management consulting before developing FLUXO. Lukas, for example, developed parts for a particle accelerator at the international research facility CERN in Switzerland before and Robert developed software to enhance critical business processes.

Our advisory board combines deep industry know-how as well as strategic and sales expertise.


FLUXO is an award winning design pendant lamp that allows you to move the light in any direction using simple paint gestures on your phone!
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