GeoStory uses geolocation, interest-based algorithms and social networking capabilities to learn what you’re interested in, then connect you with nearby activities and experiences.

The result: instant, relevant recommendations of things worth doing, whether you’re 2 miles away from home — or 2,000.


Picture this: you’re in a new city for a work conference. When the scheduled events for the day are over, you’re ready to get out there and experience the city — but you don’t know where to start. With work as hectic as it’s been lately, you didn’t have time for a ton of research before you got here — and those tourist trap-type attractions are not really your style.

Or maybe you’re a bit closer to home, ready to let off a little steam at the end of the work week. Again, it’s been crazy lately, so you haven’t had a chance to plan out your evening in advance. You’re ready to get out there; and the last thing we want to do when we finally get a little down time, is to spend that down time trying to decide… how to spend our down time.

Whether you’re across the country or just around the corner, join GeoStory and never miss out on what’s happening close to you again.


Whether you’re a seasoned local or you’re in the area for a short visit, GeoStory connects you with the latest and most exciting experiences nearby — brought to you by the community’s favorite individuals, businesses and organizations.

GeoStory is:

No more hours spent flipping through travel guides or scanning online events. GeoStory let’s you know what’s accesible in the moment — at the moment, so you’re ready to get out the door and into the world.


An awesome experience doesn’t do you a whole lot of good when it starts in 10 minutes and it’s an hour-long cab ride away. GeoStory locks in on your position and shows you which activities are closest.


GeoStory’s interest-based algorithms learn the kinds of things you’re into, then shows you content based on those interests, so the content you’re viewing is always 100% relevant to you.


Chances are your city is jam-packed with folks in the know about exciting things happening in their area. GeoStory is 100% socially driven, so you can catch onto the buzz — and share your stories with others.


We’ve created GeoStory to help people everywhere discover easier, but that’s just one half of the story: equally as important is what GeoStory does for local businesses.

As much trouble as we have coming up with things to do in a new city or on a slow Saturday afternoon at home, businesses can have just as much trouble letting us know when they have awesome stuff going on that we might want to check out.

Traditional promotions like flyers and posters are outdated and expensive, social media sites like Facebook are crowded, and mostly limited to the people who already follow.

GeoStory is the perfect solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes who want to cut through the noise and share their stories with those nearby.

These are just a few examples of how GeoStory works with and for businesses to help them amplify their message and get it in front of the audience they’re looking for.

Best of all: access to GeoStory is 100% free — for users and businesses alike.


GeoStory is still in the early stages of development, but momentum is building quickly:

Buzz about GeoStory is already building before we even launch: we have 4,000 interested users already signed up to download the app when it’s ready to go, and more are joining daily.

Up next for GeoStory: time to finalize development and get GeoStory out into the world and into the hands of the users and business owners we’ve designed it to help.

For more information on the future of GeoStory, our vision, and how you can be a part of it, visit us at or request access to the Business Plan side of this profile!


Boston native and chef-winemaker turned tech entrepreneur, Michael has spent the last few years immersed in the hospitality industry. With guidance from Los Angeles Expert Dojo, he’s now looking to change the way individuals see and experience the places they frequent.

Here’s what Michael has to say about the inpsiration behind GeoStory: 

“At GeoStory we’re excited to be working on a platform that connects local businesses and consumers in a real time way. Our goal is to create a space where users can reliably discover and engage in experiences they’d love, anywhere life takes them.”

David is a San Francisco based interactive designer who strives to marry the love of web, motion, and visual design by finding a unique balance between usability and aesthetics. He has a broad spectrum of interest in all forms of music, media, and art.

Kelsey has been creating online content since 2009 through her Lifestyle Blog “First And Formost”​, her art business “Formost Fine Art”, writing press releases and social media marketing pitches for her screenwriting and acting career, as well as years of screenwriting and editing for both film and television. Kelsey is consistently seeking ways to innovate and re-imagine what constitutes life-changing content.

Evan Luthra is a die-hard serial entrepreneur who is always thinking of new ideas to make this world a better place. He specializes in helping to conceptualize, innovate then work on executing world changing ideas. 
 He loves building and rebuilding products and believes in the power of nontraditional education practices. Using creativity, ideas and a little magic, he builds products consumers will never forget.

GeoStory uses geolocation, interest-based algorithms and social networking capabilities to learn what you’re interested in, then connect you with nearby activities and experiences.
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