a group of Italian designers, architects, construction developers, working with passion in the real estate.

Over thirty years of experience have culminated in the 5 steps of the Real Estate Global management PLAN METHOD:

A. looking for exclusive properties of historical and artistic value (costs incurred by PLAN);

B. investor assistance in the purchase of the property (costs incurred by PLAN);

C. feasibility study, design, promotion and fractionated resale of the property (costs incurred by PLAN);

D. customized restoration of the portions resold (costs incurred by PLAN);

E. profit-sharing of the restoration contracts with the investor, without supply of equity of the latter.

You hold the guarantee, we take the risks.

We select operations with very high ROI, with double profit for the investor:

1. from the resale of the property to restore;

2. from the sharing of the restoration contracts (without supply of equity by the investor);

Global PLAN Real Estate method is:

– the ideal solution for funds, medium or big investors, crowdfunding platforms to acquire new assets;

– the best way to enhance property values without to add equity and to optimize the liquidation of the funds.

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