Gnito is an iPhone app that gives users a mobile identity toolkit — online reputation management and influencer database — by leveraging all your social data. With our toolkit, you can assemble, edit, and save your multiple personas from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, to project exactly what you want, to whom you want.

While the Gnito iPhone App makes it really simple to identify and connect with influencers around you, our enterprise webservice, Gnostics, makes it simpler than ever before for businesses to know, grow, and convert their social audiences.

With both of our services, we turn the internet into your own personal CRM and increase the value of every encounter you have. The Gnito Corporation is giving you social superpowers.


Keeping tabs on your mobile identity is harder than ever. With ever more social media accounts, blogs, articles, tagged pictures, and the undeniable fact that you probably weren’t as aware of these issues a decade ago when all this started, it’s hard to know what your image is online. Managing multiple social identities, meeting people in the mobile world, discovering top talent — these have all become challenging tasks as the dearth of information on a person can feel overwhelming, disjointed, and maybe even contradictory.

On Facebook, perhaps you’re a bit immature, interacting with your childhood friends. On LinkedIn, you may be more boring and straight-edge then you really are. On Instagram, you probably fancy yourself a bit of an artist. Everyone has their different personas that can feel disjointed and difficult to assemble to see the complete picture of who you are.

Additionally, just because LinkedIn shows your professional side, that doesn’t mean a potential employer can’t see your other personas on Twitter, Facebook, etc. There’s no way to control the totality of information each network or audience group sees. This is your information, your life — shouldn’t you have control?

While consumers are leaving an exponentially growing digital footprint across channels and media, they’re also awakening to the fact that marketers use this data for financial gain. This, combined with growing concerns about data security, means that we all increasingly want to know when data about us is available, to whom, and how that data is being used.

At Gnito, we thought it was about time we did something about this. With Gnito App and Gnostics, you can get your digital reputation under control, present a more accurate representation of yourself, and search profiles that encompass all personas of a person, not just one side of them.


The Gnito iPhone app is a mobile identity toolkit. It enables users to connect seamlessly with people and influencers around them. These people will see only what you want them see as you assemble and save multiple personas from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media accounts. You have the power to update, manage, and validate any and all information that exists about you in the digital world.

Our mobile identity toolkit helps people discover, and be discovered, in our mobile world by leveraging your existing cross-platform identities. Gnito provides personal branding tools for the mobile world.

  • Users can update, manage, and validate data.  
  • Assemble various personas, and project how you like in any circumstance.

With Gnito, you’ll feel like you have social superpowers.

And the best superpower of all: Control your narrative. Control your trajectory.


Gnostics is our enterprise web service that makes it really easy to know, grow, and convert your social audiences. It is a platform that lets brands and their social media marketers / advertisers use information from Gnito to more effectively target their users.


We’ve made great progress with Gnito App and Gnostics so far.  We have augmented our ‘Influencer Database’ with over 500 000 infleuncers, and geolocated them to present relevant influencers to our users.   Additionally, we’ve begun our launch campaign – Our primary focus at the moment is to have 100 paying customers by the end of 2015.

For a bit of history…

The Gnito App prototype hit the App Store in December 2014. We recruited 100 beta users, all entrepreneurs, who used the app to find US Accredited Investors. They gave us great feedback which we have incorporated into the next iteration of Gnito App, which will launch in December 2015.

As for Gnostics, the prototype went live a month later, in January 2015, and the MVP was launched in March 2015. Although still in its infancy, Gnostics has proven to be very powerful and is already being sought out by the 28 beta customers who we’ve spoken with.

We’ve also developed several targeted ‘valuable data’ partnerships: AngelList, Twitter, Guarana Technologies, and several with other emerging data startups, including Nexalogy, and Macromeasures. They all provide us with complementary datasets, and we will integrate our product into theirs.

Up next: The Gnito App full version will hit the App Store in December 2015, we’ll reach 100 paying customers by the end of the year, we’ll fully launch Gnostics in Q1 of 2016, and hit the ground running with our growth strategy.


Gnito is an iPhone app that gives users a mobile identity toolkit — online reputation management and influencer database — by leveraging all your social data. With our toolkit, you can assemble, edit, and save your multiple personas from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, to project exactly what you want, to whom you want.
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