Group6 was formed to drive innovation into the Outdoor Power Equipment industry, changing what today is a “chore” into a desired experience for the consumer in their outdoor space. We aim to do for the lawn and garden market, what companies like Tesla are doing for the automotive industry. Our remarkable flagship product is truly a marvel in almost every way. The riding mower, our first product for the market, is an all-electric rider with performance exceeding current rider offerings. Operator comfort and ease of product use were main considerations in our development of this product.

Group6 is also a team of highly motivated and completely dedicated individuals. They worked together for years and successfully conceived, developed and marketed the first hybrid riding mower ever introduced. Each member of Group6 brings not only passion, but skills that compliment and come together to deliver the results expected by the consumer and the investor.



The move towards renewable energy use and clean energy is well underway. Electric cars may still make up a very small percentage of the total cars sold, but virtually everyone has heard of Tesla. And now a host of other companies all the way to Audi, BMW and Lexus are entering the field with their all electric car offerings. The reality and feasibility of all electric vehicles, powered by rechargeable lithium batteries is now well accepted. And with the combination of solar panels and the ability to recharge these batteries directly from the light of the sun, these products are going to continue to quickly move into our lives. Many have decried the continued use of fossil fuels for its destructive impact on our global climate, but have been unwilling to move away from these fuel hungry products where there is a question of the all-electrics ability to meet or exceed the performance of the traction gasoline powered products. Of course that is no longer the case, as Telsa and similar companies demonstrate the performance and styling of the cars they are introducing into the market place.

This same movement towards products utilizing clean energy is slowly moving into the traditional Outdoor Power Equipment market. And Group6 wants to lead the charge of bringing a high performance, reasonably priced, all-electric, lithium powered riding mower to the market, along with a full lineup of other outdoor powered all-electric products.

Imagine never having to put smelly gas or oil into your rider, and getting sufficient run times to do the entire mowing job with one charge. Imagine the quiet operation, and best of all, the ultimate cutting performance of any product offered. But these are the simple things you would expect from an all-electric rider. Now try to imagine a product that allows you to experience your outdoor living space in a way never before thought possible. Interacting with your yard should not be a chore. It should be a pleasant experience. An experience you look forward to, and one you have fun performing. Beyond the harm created for our environment by today’s gasoline powered tractors and mowers, each one spewing out more pollution than 10 automobiles according to the EPA, there is the smell of the gasoline and oil, and the risk of spills and fires.

Traditional gasoline engine manufacturers and the companies that use their engines to make tractors and mowers continue to argue that in order to get the desired performance, no other energy source is suitable for the task. These are the same arguments main line automobile manufacturers have used for years to protect their invested capital in old technology and argue against the feasibility of all electric cars. But electric cars are here to stay. There are even electric powered planes being tested. And our working prototypes demonstrate the feasibility and practicality of all-electric riders and mowers. No one needs to trade off any level of performance in the name of saving our environment.

We want you to lead the charge in bringing the all-electric rider and mower to yards in the US, Europe and wherever else these products are used today. We are asking you to help us do this, not just to help save our environment, or because we believe the ability to get in on a company like ours will provide you extraordinary returns on your investment, but because our main goal is to bring into the market products that will forever change the way consumers interact with their outdoor space. Effortless, quiet, clean, intuitive and fun should be the thoughts that come to mind when you use our products and ‘Experience The Possible’.


Imagine a rechargeable riding lawnmower better than anything on the market today. A life without obnoxious engine noise, handling gasoline, and dirty oil smells. Live the experience, not the chore.
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