#Leadership is an Attitude Online Program

This is your chance to help shape our future business leaders.


Great leaders create great companies; companies that are innovative, purposeful and agile. They are the places we want to work and where our children will want to work. They’ll be led by leaders who inspire our loyalty and motivation, and help us succeed in doing amazing work.


At the moment, that aren’t enough great leaders in our workplaces.  They are probably there, but have not yet been discovered or trained for the role.


Did you know that although most leaders take up their first leadership role by age 30, they don’t get their first leadership training until they are 42? 


A 12 year delay? What’s with that?  What are we doing to the people who have to work with them?


Share my dream with me.


Hi. I’m Sonia McDonald and it’s my dream to enable every leader to access training when he or she needs it.


Recently Named One of the TOP 250 Influential Women Leaders across the Globe by Richtopia, I am passionate and committed to building a world of great leaders! 


I help everyone who believes they have the potential to become the inspiriting leader they want to be. I do that through specially designed leadership training made available to everyone.


I’ve worked around the world in all sorts of capacities, and I’ve seen the very positive changes a good leader can make to the way a company works and to the morale of its people.


We need more of that!


For the last few years I’ve been presenting leadership training to companies and individuals around Australia with great results. It works because while I cover everything a leader needs to know, I do it with humour and a touch of irreverence, and I’m really good at it.


I don’t believe people need to wait 12 years to receive leadership training!



What people say about my leadership training.


My passion for developing great leaders isn’t just a passing phase for me.  It’s something I’ve been working to perfect for a long time now.  These are some of the comments people have made about my training.


“Sonia combines three major assets: bucket loads of passion for her clearly defined purpose; a thorough grounding in the principles of leadership and neuroscience; and an engaging personal style which makes her an adaptable and engaging presenter in front of any audience. Presenting at the recent LeadX event Sonia had the audience captured with her energy, dance moves and compelling story telling, leaving all attendees empowered to surround themselves with the right people and confident to take risks to learn and lead.”


Rachel Kerr, General Manager, Revelian


“Sonia McDonald has exceptional leadership expertise. She is innovative in her approach, and tireless in her efforts to exceed expectations. She is a well respected human resource expert, also giving her time to mentor and develop an AHRI network in Queensland.


Sonia is well networked and the success of her client base is testimonial to the quality of her work. It is a pleasure to recommend Sonia to you.”


Brad Lawrence, General Manager, Genie


“Sonia is passionate about leadership development and uses innovative training techniques to bring out the best in you. I have been working with Sonia for the last nine months as part of a leadership skills coaching program. I have gained immense value out of the program she has so relentlessly delivered.


I would recommend Sonia to individuals or companies looking for a motivated, innovative and strategic leadership skills development guru.”


Marnie Beckett, QLD/NT President, National Association of Women in Construction


And my work has been featured in these publications:


Let’s get leadership training out there for everyone to use.


I’ve proven that my training works but I’m limited with the numbers of leaders I can train when I work face to face.


Now I want to take leadership training online where more people can have the chance to access it as soon as they need it. It will be there for people who are newly promoted into leadership roles and it will be there for our emerging leaders, who are waiting to be discovered.


Developing the Leadership Online course.


I’ve put all my efforts into designing the Leadership Online course so it works when being delivered online. This new format has meant creating videos and supporting material that isn’t necessary when a course is delivered face-to-face, however it’s a vital part of online learning.


I’m working with some brilliant people who are experts at producing quality, entertaining and informative blended learning experiences and this is where things start to become too expensive for me to afford on my own.  (Blended learning is a mix of online and face-to-face training methods)



I need your help.


If you’re tired of working with boring bosses then now’s your chance to shake things up.


I want to create awesome leaders. Leaders that rock their workplaces and ultimately, rock the world.


I need your help to do it.


Specifically, I need your help to raise enough money to cover the technical side of course development – getting it up online.



How the funds will be used.


I need $15,000 to get the first module completed and the course up and running online. This is the first piece of our Self-Leadership Modules. We will then continue development of remaining modules from there with the 18 total modules costing $300,000 to create the whole amazing program!

We are ready to rock, and are ready to design and deliver! Help us launch that first module and we’re well on our way! #YouRock


I’ve put all my efforts into designing the Leadership Online course so it works when being delivered online. This new format has meant creating videos and supporting material that isn’t necessary when a course is delivered face-to-face, however it’s a vital part of online learning.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgZKZwgV5I0
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Sonia McDonald

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