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A Little Background

People I’ve had the honor to cook for always ask me, “Why don’t you open a restaurant?” Well, I can finally say that I’m actually working on it. But there is still some work to do before I can do that, and I need your help to make it all happen. For me, it’s not only the idea of owning a restaurant that excites me. It’s the opportunity to tell a story through my food and pass on what I’ve had the privilege of learning about global foodways that make it so meaningful to me.

Meridio is the culmination of years of research, travel and cooking. I’ve wanted to own my own restaurant for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that I found the perfect concept. I grew up in the kitchen, watching my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother cook American Southern and rustic Italian cuisine. Since childhood, I’ve been experimenting, learning and perfecting my personal cooking style. Growing up in Mississippi, I saw most of the state and had the opportunity to experience a large majority of the various ingredients, cooking techniques, and culinary cultures not only of Mississippi but of the entire American South as well. 

I’ve worked in and around the restaurant industry throughout my life, albeit on the side. It wasn’t until I visited the magical city of Cartagena, Colombia — and fell in love with a beautiful woman there — that I discovered the phenomenal flavors and cultures of South America. Through that discovery, I found a connection between the cuisines of South America and the American South that I never knew existed, and now I want to share this newfound knowledge with the world. 


The Concept

The name is a play on the Spanish word “meridional,” meaning southern. Meridio Southern-Latino is an innovative restaurant and bar featuring a rare and exciting blend of American Southern and South American cuisines and beverages.

The restaurant will offer diners a refined yet approachable dining experience with swift, knowledgeable service and affordable pricing. We’ll use fresh, quality ingredients in all of our dishes and strive to source our meat and produce from community farmers, growers and other local and regional purveyors whenever possible. In addition, we’ll strive to source ingredients unique to geographic regions in South America  in order to maintain authenticity and sustainability, and to nurture the relationships between the U.S. and emerging economies in South America.

By combining the various native ingredients and presentation methods of these wonderful regions, we create something entirely new, yet surprisingly familiar.


Why you?

Most dreams cannot become reality without the support of friends and family, and it takes a village to open a restaurant. Through Indiegogo, I am raising initial capital to fund the research and development phase of the start-up process. The business plan has been thoroughly vetted by business coaches and lending consultants, and the consensus is that the plan is sound. I just need to go out and find the collateral needed to obtain financing.

For banks and investors to really believe in me and my concept, I need to show that there is a market for Meridio. So, the R&D phase will consist of one part underground supper club, one part private chef service. Highly valued feedback will be gathered and documented after each event, and a small but hopefully steady income will stream from the events and go towards the stretch goal of $200,000 needed for financing collateral.

To fund this phase, I need to raise $25,000 that will go toward purchasing cooking equipment, dishes, tables, storage, transportation and other items essential to the success of the R&D project. The necessities are not unlike what a typical catering company uses. 

The Impact

Your contribution is more powerful than you might think. It shows investors that there is undeniable support and demand for a restaurant like Meridio. 

You’ll also be helping to promote sustainability and support our global foodways by fostering the partnerships Meridio will build between U.S. and Latin American businesses, farmers, and artisans. 

With your help, I can follow my passion for cooking great food and bring this exciting new cuisine to the dining public! No donation is too small!! There are some great perks for all contribution levels. 

I love you all so much and look forward to cooking for you very soon!



Risks & Challenges

Every business venture comes with its own share of risk and challenges, and restaurants are no exception. That is why I have assembled a world-class advisory board with over 50 years combined experience in restaurant operations, hotel management, hospitality, sales, event management, food and beverage, tourism, and economic development. If and when issues arise, I know I can go to my advisory board for solutions.

Beyond that, you have my promise that I will focus all my energy on seeing this through. After all, this is my dream! I wouldn’t dare take it on unless I was completely dedicated. 

Meridio will have a strong online presence to make sure all customers and supporters have timely notice of all Meridio happenings and project updates.


Other Ways You Can Help

Hey, I know from experience. Somtimes funds are low, and you just can’t contribute. No worries! There are other ways you can help.

Get the word out and make some noise about my campaign. 

Tell your friends and family to go out and consider supporting my project. 

You can use Indiegogo’s share tools to easily share with your friends and followers on social media. 

The name is a play on the Spanish word «meridional,» meaning southern. Meridio Southern-Latino is an innovative restaurant and bar featuring a rare and exciting blend of American Southern and South American cuisines and beverages.
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