You live in an apartment building or a house with a gate. Then monkey is the perfect solution for you: monkey is the world´s first upgrade smart control for your intercom that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a smart lock without having to change a single thing at your door. 

With monkey you can: 

1) Enter your home keyless & hands-free. Great when carrying a lot of things: monkey detects your smartphone as you approach your main entrance door or gate and automatically opens it for you. You can also combine monkey with any smart lock on your apartment door to go completely keyless. 

2) Remote control your intercom. Open your main entrance door through the monkey app, from your couch or anywhere in the world. 

3) Enjoy unattended deliveries or let in guests conveniently. Simply set a time window and your main entrance door will open automatically when a person rings at the right time. 

4) Go completely keyless. You can seamlessly combine monkey with any smart lock on your apartment door for a maximum keyless experience for you, your family & friends, service personnel, Airbnb guests and others.


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monkey offers you three ways to open your main entrance door or gate. You can use all three ways at the same time to let yourself and other people in.  

  • Based on location of smartphone: monkey will automatically open the door or gate for you when you approach it. To do so, we rely on assisted GPS that is only turned on if you approach your home. So you don’t have to worry about your smartphone’s battery. Instead, enjoy handsfree access.
  • Based on command in app: You can ask monkey to open the door for you – from wherever you are. Simply press the button in the app and the buzzer will be activated instantly.
  • Based on time window + ringing: You can program time-windows during which monkey shall open the door automatically for you. This is great for unattended deliveries because the parcel delivery man needs no new equipment and simply does what he is used to do.


Monkey automatically opens your main entrance door upon detecting your smartphone´s position via GPS. Simply approach your main entrance door with your smartphone in your pocket, bag or anywhere close to you. Even with both hands full you get inside your building smoothly without stopping to search and insert your key. Through the app you can easily invite other family members, loved ones or regular guests to enjoy the same un-interrupted entrance too. And by the way, remember how in every movie searching for the key completely ruins the romantic moment for the two lovebirds? monkey can help you out there too …


If you wish monkey redirects the ringing at your main entrance door to your smartphone.Simply activate the door opener on your smartphone in the middle of enjoying a sunny breakfast, cooking a meal or having an interesting conversation. Never again will you have to rush to your apartment door immediately only to operate the door buzzer. monkey also grants you this precious last minute you always need to get ready before letting someone in. You decide if and at what time you want to be notified on your app about the ringing, only connected to your home WiFi or any internet connection. Thus, if you set your preferences accordingly, you don´t even have to be at home – conveniently remote control your intercom from anywhere in the world. 


Unattended deliveries with Amazon & Co. save you a lot of time, money and hassle.Simply set up a time window for the estimated delivery day and time. You don´t have to pass on any information to the delivery man: When he rings during the activated time window, monkey will automatically open your main entrance door and the delivery man can drop your parcel in front of your apartment door. It´s also a nice feature when hosting a party: set up a time window and relax – you won´t miss out on all the fun anymore only because you had to spend the whole evening next to your intercom.

You already have a smart lock on your apartment door or were thinking about getting one? Great! monkey is the world´s first upgrade keyless access solution for main entrance doors in apartment buildings. With monkey, you can finally enjoy the maximum keyless experience even if you live in an apartment. 

Combine monkey with any smart lock on your apartment door to turn your home into a smart home. With monkey, you can finally leave all your keys behind and enter through both doors without any physical key. In this case, 1+1 equals 3 as both smart locks together open up completely new possibilities:

  • Enter your home without any physical key. You or one of your family members always tend to forget the keys? Now you and your family can enter your home completely hands-free and keyless conveniently with your smartphone.
  • Grant access for friends & Airbnb guests. Your guests arrive at your place while you’re still on the go? With monkey and a smart lock at your apartment door you can use the monkey app to grant them access without having to be there in person or handing over physical keys.
  • Let service providers into your home. Expecting the electrician or your cleaning lady? By granting service providers time-restricted access and receiving notifications about their arrival and exit time at your place you don’t have to be at home while they are doing their job.
  • Compatible: Regardless of your type of intercom, monkey´s size and technology guarantee that you can install the chip into any intercom.
  • Connected: The monkey chip connects to the internet and your phone via your home WiFi, enabling a connection between your intercom and your smartphone. 
  • Smart: monkey can activate the door opener for you – 1. by automatically detecting the location of your smartphone, 2. on command through the app and 3. automatically during activated time windows. 
  • Reliable: You will never need to replace a battery – because there is none. Once installed, you´ll never have to open your intercom again. The monkey chip integrates itself seamlessly into the power supply of your intercom without restricting any of its other features. 
  • Easy: Install monkey yourself into the intercom in your apartment in less than 3 minutes – perfect for renters and everybody else, even if your are all thumbs.
  • Compact: We have minimized our chip´s size without compromising on the quality of its numerous features.
      Even though we display only iPhones, we will provide you with a free monkey app for both major operating systems:

iOS and Android

  • Dashboard: Track every activity at your door and get useful insights about who entered your house at what time.
  • Remote Control: Manage settings for the redirection of the ringing of your door bell to your smartphone. By default, your smartphone only rings when you are at home. Alternatively, you can also choose to be notified regardless of your location or completely deactivate this function. 
  • Time Windows: Set one-time or recurrent time windows whenever you expect visitors or delivery men.
  • Notifications: Stay informed about when your loved ones arrive home safely. It also notifies you whenever someone enters your house within activated time windows.
  • Permissions: Use the app to add or remove users with limited or master rights. Easily share and restrict access without ever having to replace your lock or keys.
  • Settings: Use the app to manage your WiFi settings and connections.

The monkey technology does two basic things: 1) It detects when it rings at your door and 2) can activate the buzzer. Whether the buzzer is activated or not is determined in the monkey backend, where your current preferences are stored. If you allow access in a given time window or someone with permissions tries to enter your main entrance door, the backend will give your monkey the permission to open the door. To do so the monkey chip has a wireless connection to the Internet via your WiFi-Router.

 The monkey technology, that we have filed for patent, can remote control any door operated through an intercom. You simply install the chip into the intercom of your apartment or house. From there, it makes the main entrance door to your apartment building or the garden gate in front of your house smart.


You can easily install monkey yourself into your intercom – there is no need for an electrician or the permission of your landlord. The only place where you have to install something is your intercom. For installing monkey, simply follow three steps: 

1. Open your intercom. 

Pop off the front of your intercom by pressing the opening latch with the provided screwdriver. 

2. Insert monkey. 

The monkey casing is self-adhesive. Simply sticking it into your intercom will make it stay there. 

3. Wire up monkey. 

Connect the wires coming out of your monkey chip with the matching plugs in your intercom. Don’t worry: We will assist you with a specific wiring guide for your intercom system. In addition, we´ll provide you with labels to tag your wires so you don´t get confused.

Congratulations, your keyless future has just begun! Now you can download the free monkey app for iOS or Android and pair it with your monkey chip. The app will guide you through set-up and let you do a test run. Voilà, you´re done! 

Yes, installation really is so easy that even a monkey could do it. See the following video if you can’t believe it.     

 miniatura de video del proyecto

We bet your intercom looks different! Right? No problem! We have developed the monkey chip to be super compact and highly compatible so it fits every intercom system on the market. 

Following our campaign we will ask you about your type of intercom in the backer survey and then provide you with detailed wiring guides and videos for each and every type of intercom system.

Still got doubts? Give it a try! Each Monkey chip includes a 30 day money back guarantee, beginning on the day you receive it.

Back us now and benefit from our special Kickstarter prices and exclusive Kickstarter rewards. Be quick to save up to 50% on the retail price of 99€.

The prices above exclude shipping, customs and taxes. Depending on your location, we will charge between 10€-30€ to cover shipping, customs and taxes.

The more people back us on Kickstarter, the cooler monkey will become. That’s why we have prepared three stretch goals. As soon as we have reached the amounts displayed below, we will provide you with the following cool additional features.“

1. Allow deliverers to set time-windows

This stretch goal will make your life even easier: We will build an interface (API) that allows deliverers to create time windows for your deliveries without you doing anything. You only have to choose once which deliverers you want to allow to set-up time windows for you. The rest will work like magic. A deliverer, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon or any other can forward the planned delivery time window to our API and we will automatically activate this time window for you.

2. Allow deliverers to enter without ringing

The monkey app described above is tailored for you as consumer. By reaching this stretch goal we will provide all deliverers with an app especially for them: It allows them to enter your building during predefined time windows without ringing the bell. This not only makes them quicker, but also allows them to get to your door noiselessly during the night. This will enable the super early morning express and night drop.

3. monkey surprise

For sure this will be a great surprise and a special thank you to our Kickstarter backers. What it might be exactly will only be revealed as soon as we´ve reached the second stretch goal. So get ready to be surprised! 

In July 2014, somewhere in the heart of Munich, the idea for monkey was born. After some ideation and confirmed feasibility, we fired the starting pistol for our product development team and in January 2015 already held the first functioning prototype in our hands. 

Our very first functioning prototype! There was still a long way to go in terms of product design, but it worked flawlessly as you can see in this video:

 miniatura de video del proyecto

In the following months we worked relentlessly on the monkey chip and successfully completed a 3-month field test. In parallel, we developed the IT-backend and achieved a proof-of-concept version for our app. 

Now we are excited to share our innovation with you for the first time. With your help, we will initiate the following steps to ship monkey to you: 


Your monkey chip comes with an SSL encryption technology that complies with highest security standards, also applied in online banking. Therefore only authorized persons can enter your building when you as the administrator grant (time-restricted) access. Unauthorized persons won´t be able get into your building during activated time windows as the monkey chip is invisible from the outside – nobody knows that you have installed it or which time windows you have activated. 

Of course your smartphone can get lost or stolen. But unlike keys, this doesn´t mean any hazard of burglars getting into your house. Simply cancel access from any other smartphone by logging in to the app or letting another authorized member cancel access for your stolen smartphone.

There´s no risk of being locked out without your smartphone either. You can still use your mechanical key. Alternatively, you can log in to the app from any other smartphone or an authorized family member or flat mate can open your main entrance door for you from anywhere in the world. You see, there are many more possibilities than with forgotten or lost keys.  

As a team, we´ve already successfully brought our first product, the LOCUMI parcel bag (a physical dropbox to enable unattended deliveries to your doorstep), to the market. We then succeeded in selling it to a major German lock manufacturer in order to fully pursue the monkey technology. With our first product, we´ve already proven ourselves as a team and are now excited to make monkey our next success.

Our professional background comprises work experience at well-known companies such as BMW, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, The Boston Consulting Group and Barclays. All our team members have obtained high-class university degrees from renowned German universitiessuch as Technische Universität München and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München as well as from international universities such as INSEAD, HEC Paris, NTU Singapore, Fudan Shanghai and PUCV Valparaíso. For further details and contact please refer to our founders´ profiles on LinkedIn: Dr. Christoph Baumeister and Daniel F. Jahn.

Check out monkey in action: 

 miniatura de video del proyecto

We know you love smart locks, but many of us couldn’t really use them so far because we still needed a key for the main entrance door. That cuts out a lot of people and that is why we thought the time is ripe to make smart keyless access a reality for everyone with monkey.

As many other people we believe in a smart and keyless future that makes lives easier. The ability to grant access to people without having to share physical keys or without having to be at home creates an abundance of opportunites, beginning with keyless access and expanding to night-time parcel delivery and beyond. That changes the way we live as it significantly increases convenience for you as a customer, saves service providers time and reduces CO2 emissions because of failed deliveries at first attempt for everyone.

Our vision is to connect monkey with the urban ecosystem and provide the missing link between smart home and smart city in order to maximize monkey´s value for you. 

We are now launching monkey through Kickstarter to establish a community of early adopters and innovators. With your support we can finalize the development of our technology, produce and ship monkey to you and take monkey to the next level

Thank you so much for joining the monkey journey and helping us on our mission.


You live in an apartment building or a house with a gate. Then monkey is the perfect solution for you: monkey is the world´s first upgrade smart control for your intercom that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a smart lock without having to change a single thing at your door.
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