Thousands of new crowdfunding campaigns are launched every day, in hundreds of crowdfunding platforms, everywhere in the world. And the number keeps growing with new platforms being launched constantly.

In a recent memo recently talked about a target of 150,000 campaigns in a three year period which means a run rate of one thousand campaigns weekly. Keeping track of opportunities in diverse platforms is a daunting task and not scalable which is why aggregators have a real place in the growing crowdfunding industry. And to increase efficiency and access mobile aggregation looms as the future – no one can argue with the growth statistics of mobile commerce and use, and when combined with crowdfunding aggregation it all adds up to an innovation whose time has come.

Launched in the summer, OFF3R is the first mobile crowdfunding aggregator in the world. Among the platforms including campaign on OFF3R are SEEDRS, Crowdcube, AngelList, VentureFounders, Invesdor, Onevest,, OurCrowd, Envestors, InvestingZone, investden, Crowd2fund and others. In essence, users are able to create search profiles to receive crowdfunding opportunities from a database of hundreds of campaigns from 47 countries around the globe. The user is able to set notifications so they know about new projects as soon as they are discovered by the platform, in a way that doesn’t disturb or interfere in their routines making the crowdfunding process more efficient and targeted.

Since launching OFF3R has seen a spike in user interactions reaching over 300,000 and the creation of 1.5 million data points.

OFF3R is available for both iOS and Android.

The equity crowdfunding market

Crowdfunding is on fire with the recent approval of JOBS Act Title III. In 90 days the US equity market will be open for the 91% of Americans who are not qualified as accredited investors. As a result, we can expect the number of equity crowdfunding portals and projects to boom in 2016.

Elsewhere in the world, equity crowdfunding continues to gain traction with the UK leading and China, Portugal, Canada and Malaysia passing regulations on crowdfunding. In Colombia, South America, a skyscraper was built on crowdfunding money.

Crowdfunding market is expected to raise $65 billion in 2015, most of this recent growth in equity crowdfunding. It can easily surpass $100 billion by 2016 as the alternative becomes widespread elsewhere in the world.

OFF3R comes in a good time.

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