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Deeper engagement between sports stars and fans = benefits for both

Thousands of sports stars communicate with their fans in social media without getting any revenue of it. The fans get to follow their favourite stars, but they can’t really reach them. The content is the same in every main social media and there is no real dialogue between sports fans and their stars. Many sports clubs struggle with financial issues every year. Their devoted fans would love to help their favourite clubs out in this. PEEK is the sports stars’ chance to generate income by engaging with the fans, and a perfect opportunity for the fans to give their support.

Sports fans deserve more (but so do the sports stars, too)

PEEK is a mobile app designed to bring sports stars and their fans together on a same level. It is a social fan service that monetizes the communication between the stars and fans. Our monetization model brings income to sport stars and commits them to serve their fans better. The fans get a unique community that allows them to give their support and reach their stars on a more personal level, and to enjoy the entertainment provided by the stars. The fans obtain a VIP access inside the stars’ world and thoughts. Fans are able to get into an online dialogue with the sports stars, receive lots of entertaining content, plus have a great chance to giveaways, meet n’ greets and other specialities. To top that, the sports stars have their own choice of charity in Peek, so the fans get to join this charity mission together with their stars.

How it works

If you have been using common social media services on your mobile, you already know how to use PEEK. The app is available in App Store and Google Play store. Download it on your phone for free, sign up and you are set to go. The user interface is very easy to use, for both stars and fans. Fans can scroll the stars available and and make a subscription to their favourite sports stars as in-app purchases to enter the star’s profile and content. The subscription fee is charged per month per star. The subscription can be cancelled anytime. The star gets a share of every subscription.

Sports fans should be served better by their sports stars, and the stars should get a proper compensation for it. Our mission is to make this possible by bringing sports stars and their fans closer to each other, to offer a tool for charity and to monetize the fan communication for providing direct revenue to the stars.

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