PeerVantage– a fintech company— using crowd-source technology —  creating an entirely new perspective on your investments.

PeerVantage –shop around, compare portfolios: People like to comparison shop on the internet — to see what others are buying and what they think of their purchases.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could ‘shop’ or compare portfolios?

But when it comes to our portfolios, there is no ‘shopping around’. We only have four options — talk to friends, listen to TV pundits like Jim Cramer, subscribe to an investment letter, and/or hire a financial advisor.

Until now, that is.

Nothing like PeerVantage exists today.

Sign up to start getting an entirely new perspective on your wealth.


Subscribers will be able to enroll directly on our website or through 40l K programs,  professional assciatons, trade groups or alumni associations.

The subsctiption fee for Portfolio Compare is $149/year* (*slightly higher for portfolios over $2mm)



We surveyed 1000 households and asked them, “Would you want a service like Portfolio Compare?”  The young and affluent overwhelmingly responded “Yes!”.

PeerVantage is going to be a very big business!


We invested seed capital of  $250,000.

Use of proceeds:

1. Market research to confirm demand

2. Designed and costed the software

3. Designed and field-tested the visuals (shown above)

4. Created two applicatons– PeerScan and GPX (golden peer index funds) for custodians, financial advisors, regulators andd funds managers (further discussed in the busienss plan)

5. Developed and vetted the Financial Plan through 2222.

How big a market?

There are about 100 million household investors worldwide; half live in the US. There are also at least 3,000,000 ‘ultra wealthy’ many of whom will will pay more to subscribe. if PeerVantage only captures less than 2% of the household investor market, we estimate our annual revenue from these sources could exceed $300 million.

Revenues from institutions and membership groups increase the total by at least $100 million.

We are seeking second stage financing

Use of proceeds

1. Hire sales and support staff

2. Construct, test and deploy software

3. Overhead:  legal, space, security, insurance etc.

4. Launch, grow revenues, tight hold on costs

5. Heavy use of social media to spread the word

We have assembled a  Blue Ribbon Panel of successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. We are starting to talk to the press.

Up next: We plan to have our first subscribers on the system by March. Looking ahead, our market research indicates that global demand for PeerVantage is so strong that we envision profitable revenues in excess of $200 million within a decade.


Chris is our visionary, chief analyst, and editor of All-about-You.

Chris built two successful financial information companies prior to PeerVantage: Loan Pricing Corp and Private Client Resources.

LPC was sold to Reuters and is now the world’s standard information source for the global syndicated corporate loan market.

PCR, aggregates  portfolios for families that have an average wealth of $60 million. PCR currently has information totaling roughly $100 billion in its system.  

Earlier–at legacy JP Morgan– Snyder built the first Wall Street Loan Syndications Research Group.

He studiend multi-variate analysis and econometrics at New York University and earned a PhD. in economics and statistics from Lehigh University.

Sambir is Vice President– founder of Pixellet, manages the outsourced development of our technology. Sambir holds  Masters of Science in Software Engineering.

Earlier she was a private banker at Mellon and managed account relationships for a leading markeitng firm.

Sue holds a Bachelors from Lehigh University.

Heads up social media research. Currently a senior in Finance and Marketing Program at Fairfield University.

PeerVantage– a fintech company– using crowd-source technology — creating an entirely new perspective on your investments.PeerVantage –shop around, compare portfolios: People like to comparison shop on the internet — to see what others are buying and what they think of their purchases.
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