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Who We Are

Dream Big Performing Arts Workshop‘s mission is to provide all children with life-affirming, energizing, and collaborative creative experiences in the performing arts that enrich their lives with confidence and self-expression, allowing their spirits to shine bright on and off the stage. By participating in our workshops, children learn to express themselves in healthy ways, and their individual talents are fostered. Like all Dream Big programs throughout the year, our summer camps provide children unique opportunities to grow, dream, believe and achieve by building their confidence through developing, sharing and acting out their creative visions and ideas in collaboration with their peers.

Our Project

Dream Big is raising funds to support partial (more than half) and full scholarships that make it possible for campers to participate in our 2nd Annual Production Camp featuring Seussical Jr. During our 2016 summer camp, 2nd-8th grade students will be engaged in an exciting and sometimes rigorous process of putting a full production of Seussical Jr. together in just four weeks! In this incredible 4-week production process students will have the opportunity to work with our extraordinary team of directing and teaching staff, all extremely talented field professionals and educators, who will prepare campers to perform on the main stage at the Athenaeum Theatrecomplete with full costumes, props, set, sound, and lights. At Dream Big, our mission is to include allchildren despite various levels of financial need. Therefore, we are seeking support to help fund scholarships for kids who have a desire to participate.

Help us make our summer 2016 theater camp accessible and affordable for all children.

In order to include all children despite various levels of financial need, we have created a scholarship fund for children who want to participate in our 2016 summer camp but whose families’ means may prevent them from doing so. With YOUR help, we can extend an invitation to experience the magic of the theater to children who otherwise would not be afforded this professional ensemble-building theatrical stage experience.

Why It Matters

Hi, I am Lisa Lang, the Founder and Artistic Director of Dream Big Performing Arts Workshop, a 10-year old drama program for kids ages 2-18. Starting in the 4th grade, I had the opportunity to participate in countless musical productions through local community theaters and live out a passion for performing that my mom passed down to me at a very young age. I got to experience the sheer thrill of being on stage, sharing my voice through song, and feeling a part of something that was so much bigger than myself. As a very shy child (sometimes even regarded as “painfully shy”), this experience helped bring me out of my shell and, after years of being afraid to outwardly express myself, I finally felt free to do so on stage. There was something safe about being able to “hide” behind a character to be whoever I wanted to be. I had never before experienced such freedom in my own skin.

This is not only my story, but the story I hear from countless parents who are beyond grateful their children found such a life-affirming outlet- one that gives them the confidence and self-esteem to thrive in so many other aspects of their lives.

I believe, and I know many out there agree, that these experiences and skills should not be restricted to only those children who can afford it. Since it’s inception, Dream Big has been committed to being accessible to all children and has never turned a child away from participating in our programs.

How You Can Help

With your help, we can continue to open our doors and our hearts to all children in the Chicagoland area by providing the best performing arts experiences possible. For last summer’s production ofAnnie Jr, Dream Big personally donated $7,720 in scholarships to 13 campers in the biggest contribution of any of our programs to date. For summer 2016, our goal is to award at least $10,000 in scholarships. This will fund 4 full scholarships and approximately 5 partial scholarships (each of which will cover more than half of a 4-week camp tuition). In our first public fundraising effort, we are asking for donations of any size to support our ability to continue offering scholarships so that all students may participate. This apparent need, and our desire to fill the gap in funding, has inspired us to apply for non-profit status, which will be effective in 2016.

What Parents Have Been Saying About our 2015 Production Camp

    • “She came home absolutely energized by this first day of camp. I haven’t seen her this excited about something in a long time!” – Susan Custer
    • “When I saw the cast list and just the sheer length of it, I was astounded! What a huge job your staff had putting that together!!! Again, I’m impressed. My husband and I are so grateful Audrey has been given the opportunity to be a part of something this wonderful. Have a great day” – Robyn Fuder
    • “She comes home singing and dancing every day – she is having an absolute blast! Her confidence is sky high and she is making new friends every day. Please pass along high compliments to the staff as well – they are terrific!”
    • “Ricky told me today that he finally feels brave enough to go on stage and hopes that next year he can have his own lines (something he was totally against this time) AND he hopes to be with all the same kids next time because everyone is SO good and nice and such good friends.” – Jessica Mueller
    • “I want to thank you for this amazing summer experience. I truly loved working with everyone in this company and making new friends. The kids were amazing, and basically in a nutshell, this job made my summer. I didn’t think that I would get any opportunities like this since I am fairly young, and not super experienced being a part of the staff. But you took a chance with me, and I really appreciate that.” – Hope Hoffman, Jr. Intern
    • “Thank you for giving Julieta this great opportunity. Everyone has been so kind to us. Julieta is giddy when she tells us about her day. The confidence she has displayed in the last couple of weeks brings a huge smile to our faces. She has said this is the best summer ever! Thank you Dream Big, for a job well done. We are so lucky to be part of the production. Many Thanks” – Marcelino and Sandra Soto
    • “So many kudos and thank you’s for such a terrific performance and experience at Annie Jr. It reached far beyond our expectations, and we are so glad that Audrey had this terrific experience. We will be recommending it to everyone who is interested in finding a deeply rewarding experience for their kids!”
    • “Thanks again for everything. What a fabulous production. We are still in awe of how well all the kids did, how talented your directors were and how organized you all were!! So impressed.”

(Photo Credits: Ricki Douglas and Ricky Kluge)

Thank you for your support!!

Use Of Funds


Every dollar of funds raised will provide scholarships to children who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend the four week Seussical Jr. Production Camp in August 2016. If we reach our $5,000 tipping point, we will be able to fund 4 full scholarships.


Raising $10,000 will allow Dream Big to provide 4 full scholarships and at least 5 partial scholarships, upwards of more than 50%, to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in this rewarding and engaging experience.

Dream Big Performing Arts Workshop’s mission is to provide all children with life-affirming, energizing, and collaborative creative experiences in the performing arts that enrich their lives with confidence and self-expression, allowing their spirits to shine bright on and off the stage.

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