About Spiral

The Social Learning Network (TSLN) is building a world-class education technology company, providing innovative well-researched collaborative apps to help teachers make the most of mobile learning that is being rolled out to students in schools around the world. TSLN’s founders have spent two years in field research, identifying the key issues faced by teachers and students as they adopt technology into their day-to-day practice.

What is the offer and how will Spiral use the funds?

TSLN is seeking to raise £400,000 of investment (£85,000 already raised) in exchange for 22.2% equity (17.5% available to CrowdBnk investors), to match-fund its remaining £130,000 SMART grant from Innovate UK and proposed Horizon 2020 grant-funding to continue growing Spiral as a global mobile learning brand, with the intention of acquisition from a global education service provider by 2019.

Spiral is an innovative mobile learning platform which facilitates active learning and collaboration in classrooms around the world. 2,800 schools and 18,000 users over 100 countries have registered in the first 4 months.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAXksSrPSWo#t=11
See Campaign: https://www.crowdbnk.com/p/spiral
Contact Information:
Hamish Kennedy

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