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SWAG’R is a consumer-driven mobile content delivery platform that is replace traditional marketing agencies and media networks. 

Instead of shoving intrusive and borderline “creepy” ads into your brain, we’re using gamification, geo-location, and precision targeting to flip the world of mobile advertising on its head.  Instead of getting fed up with pop-ups and throwing your phone, get SWAG’R, get some great deals, and get the content you want, where you are!

Don’t miss out! 
We’re about to change the way mobile ads are received for good.


Like that guy who’s always snooping around on your Facebook profile, mobile marketing is getting a little creepy.

  Advertisers are spending big bucks to get their products featured, but results – to this point – have been mixed at best.

The “personal” nature of mobile devices is at the heart of the problem.  Unlike television or radio, our mobile devices are all ours.  They control a large part of our lives, and when someone – or some company – intrudes on this, we’re hesitant to accept the message.  As a result, advertisers are having a tough time reaching their targets without coming across as total creep jobs.

Consumers highly resist intrusions into social networks, loss of privacy, and forced behaviors.  With the current model for mobile advertising, at its core, highly reliant on these factors, we’re presented with a big problem for consumer businesses.


We take the traditional mobile ad model and turn it on its head.  Rather than being intrusive with content you don’t want to see, the SWAG’R platform utilizes opt-in engagement to connect the consumer and advertiser via a rewards basis. 

Working hand-in-hand with advertisers, SWAG’R gives the consumer voluntary control over the content, and gives them something they want – in the form of a discount, prize, bonus, or freebie associated with the ad.  In this sense, consumers are “opting-in” to view ads.  We remove the creepiness – and replace it with SWAG’R.

Because consumers gather in predictable locations at predictable times, SWAG’R can maximize targeting efforts for consumer businesses.  We’ll place your targeted offers right in the center of these consumer concentrations, resulting in opt-in engagement like you’ve never seen before.  And we make it fun for the consumer – presenting your content in the form of activities that allow them to enjoy capturing, sharing, challenging, and competing with their social networks while receiving rewards.


For mobile consumers, SWAG’R is turning your disdain for mobile ads into a love affair.  Instead of boring, intrusive ads, we deliver great offers tailored to your desires right to your device – in a fun, social, and rewarding context.

For mobile advertisers, we deliver precise control over where and when your offers are presented, and a large consumer base eager to receive them.  We give you all the control in terms of targeting and offer formation.

A number of components work together to ensure SWAG’R’s optimal delivery of the above value propositions.  Here’s a little more about what makes us tick:

Mobile App-based – The mobile device is at the core of what we do.  Our iPhone app is currently in the Apple Store, with an Android version are planned through 2015 and 2016.

Cloud-based management – Because traditional storage methods are creepy in their own right, we use Cloud-based servers to place the offers geographically into consumer concentrations and to set and monitor sharing and gamification rules.

Marketing optimization – We’re serious about optimizing reach for our advertisers and offers for our consumers.  Our platform sets price, date, time, quantity, expiration, and target profile to your specs and manages the redemption process for you.  As consumers redeem, they’ll be given different survey questions to make future offers more refined.

Social aspects – Share your offer on social media, swap them with friends, or – if you’re feeling generous – give them away!

Gamification – We keep things interesting.  Our system is based around gamification, allowing consumers to engage and compete with their social networks when redeeming offers.  For example, be the first to grab and share a specific offer and get an additional 40% off.  We also provide a SWAG’R leaderboard to foster ongoing competition and use.

Geo-location – Our locator features ensure offer precision.  For example, for our launch at ASU, we’re building 90-100 hotspots throughout campus where offers will be dropped.  Consumers can easily access these hotspots and then walk to them to receive the offer – it then goes into your SWAGBAG and is ready for redemption (or gifting).

Analytics – Our link with Google Analytics allows advertising professionals to analyze the results of their marketing campaigns and offers.

In the short term, our focus is on colleges.  Through our partnership with Aramark, we’ve gained access to their large pool of on-campus food brands (Taco Bell, Papa John’s, Subway, Burger King and many more) who will reap the benefits of SWAG’R’s advertising platform.  In return, college kids get non-intrusive advertising…and free stuff.


In a short time, we’ve made significant strides in growing our company – and getting you the ads and offers that you deserve.  Here are just a few of the accomplishments that have gotten us here, and will keep us going:

App fully developed.  Our development team has the SWAG’R app complete.  It’s ready for download in the Apple App Store, with Android launchng in 30 days.

Key branding partnership.  We’re lined up with one of the top three major Higher Educational food management companies , a publicly traded food service company worth $14 billion.  They deliver food management with a number of huge brands (advertisers) in 420 North American colleges.


Other strong partnerships formed.  Classic Exhibits and O’Neil Properties are two partners who will assist greatly in developing our other revenue streams.


Ready for our big moment.  We’re fully prepared for the SWAG’R national launch, taking place at Arizona State University on August 17th.

After our launch is successful, we’ll dive fully into the other verticals our platform can be applied to.  For more information, please request access to the business plan portion of our profile.


The SWAG’R management team is ideally suited for the quick go-to-market strategy we’re setting off on.  We’re five proven business veterans who are building a revenue-generation machine – and we’re doing it with a swag’r to our step.  Meet us!

Greg is SWAG’R’s founder and top dog.  The majority of his experience comes in as a serial entrepreneur, where he got his first taste of business leadership as the Co-founder and VP of Sales of ShopperBox.  Then founded a sucessfull real estate brokerage firm called PontiFX.  After 11 years as CEO of PontiFX, he’s switching his focus to SWAG’R.  As CEO, Greg guides the company and works to maintain it’s overall vision and PASSION!.

Dave’s a numbers guy and successful entrepreneur. He’s sat on both sides of the VC table and has several investments in early stage companies. His strengths include building strong, productive teams and effectively communicating with non-numbers folk. As CFO, Dave ensures Swag’r has the capital necessary to achieve epic greatness.

Rob is a proven veteran within the college realm.  He was responsible for the Kinko’s College Campus national launch, working with an annual budget of $40 million.  This launch went down as the best college product launch to date.  As CVO, he’s dedicated to finding and building future verticals for SWAG’R.

Mark is a veteran of the Silicon Valley and Pacific Northwest technology industries.  In the Valley Mark pioneered new technologies as well as created applications that enabled the semiconductor industry to produce faster and cheaper chips.  He’s worn many hats from entrepreneur to product strategist and is a known expert in developing new products and markets.  As CTO, Mark drives the product roadmap that creates the SWAG’R experience.

A group of fully-committed decision makers comprise SWAG’R’s Board of Directors.  They include Hollywood Executive Director Stacey Foster, key investorRick Dillon, and Greg Williams, the CEO himself.  We’re also backed up by an astute iconic duo of mobile executives from Seattle, Max Witter, Ivan Braiker.

SWAG’R is a consumer-driven mobile content delivery platform that is replace traditional marketing agencies and media networks.
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