The Ayurveda Experience by Transformative Learning Solutions (TLS) is the world’s only complete, personalized portal to the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga. Our Multimedia Courses, video seminars, Ayurvedic Health Analysis Reports and consultations by qualified practitioners and a variety of Ayurvedic Self-Care Products cover all self-care needs under one roof.

The most distinguishing factor of this platform will be the customized experience offered to every customer, tailored to suit the personality type and unique needs of each individual.


Ayurveda, translated literally as “life-knowledge,” is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing originating from the Vedic culture of India. It’s one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.

~ WebMD

While the healing powers of a regular yoga practice are almost common household knowledge in the West now, Ayurveda booming fast as the next ‘yoga’ or a movement to awaken conscious diet and lifestyle practices to prevent illness and boost good health naturally.

Data shows the obvious demand for Ayurveda- but there’s never been a single place to transform your mind, body, and spirit through Ayurveda.

Until now.


The Ayurveda Experience provides better living through:

  • Unique multimedia courses
  • Personal consultations and Body-Type Analysis Reports
  • Authentic and Effective Ayurvedic Self-Care Products​

TLS is a consolidated platform for all things Ayurveda, where people interested in natural, healthy living can learn more about themselves and Ayurveda, can consult knowledgeable practitioners and find all products to match their needs- all under one roof.

We provide:

  • Ayurvedic Body-Type Analysis
  • Call Consultations and Personalized Reports by qualified Practitioners
  • Free educational content
  • Free Live interaction with experts via Webinars
  • Ayurvedic Self-Care Essentials through our ecommerce platform

  • Video courses by Ayurvedic experts and practitioners across the globe
  • The Ayurveda Experience Advanced 2.0 Program- our top-selling program on Fundamental Ayurvedic Knowledge and a whole range of Multimedia Courses specific to certain health conditions by qualified Practitioners with expertise in that area.
  • Launches scheduled till February 2016-

            The Ayurvedic Woman: Experience Symptom-Free Health

            The Ayurvedic Lifestyle- A Preventive Approach to Heart Disease, Diabetes             and Cancer

            Digestion and Ayurveda with a focus on Liver-Related Health Conditions 


~ Khatia Krebs,  customer

We start with a free, comprehensive personality test to determine your dosha. Then we use the resulting personality report to determine who you are at your core, and to inform our consultations and personalized product routine.

The TLS Program:

Learn. Find your dosha, then educate yourself with our programs, webinars, and video courses.

Consult. Get a personalized report based on your true self, and talk to a certified Ayurvedic physician to get real expertise.

Cure. Browse a huge catalog of therapeutic Ayurvedic products to develop a routine that works in concert with your dosha.


No two individuals are the same, so no two treatments are the same. Our entire program is customized based on your dominant dosha.

Take control of your mind. Take control of your spirit. Take control of your body.

Our experts are here to help you, every step of the way.  


We’re thrilled to share that we have the second largest Aurveda-focused site by traffic in the USA. We have over 250,000 subscribers and more than 1.8 Million Page Views.

Our course on the basics of Ayurveda has met with great success, our personalized physician calls and consultation reports have been operating with excellent results reflected in raving reviews from customers for over 5 months now and the recent launch of our ecommerce store has been very successful and promising.

We’ve also become the #1-selling product in the health and meditation category on Clickbank!


Rishabh Chopra, CEO: Rishabh has spent more than five years learning and perfecting the business side of Transformative after founding it in 2010. Formerly the Global Head of External Relations of the AIESEC and President of AISEC in India, one of the world’s largest youth organizations with 70,000 members, he also worked at a startup called Mindvalley. With an MBA from ISB, he has 7 + Years of All Round Digital Experience including Analytics, Media Buying,Conversion Optimisation and Copywriting.


Venu Bhanot, Head of Content: With a background in Commerce and an Honours Degree in English Literature from Hindu College, Delhi University, Venu has more than six years of experience in performing arts as a theatre artist, lyricist & vocalist and is a creative copywriter with 2.5 Years of Digital Marketing Sales and Automation Experience. At TLS, Venu heads Content and Product Development, defining content marketing strategies and working with authors to create impactful products.


Raghav Beri, Head of Analytics: Raghav began his professional career in 2010 as an analyst with Opera Solutions Management, specializing in Procurement Optimization, Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence. At TLS, Raghav excels at Content Marketing Analysis, Operations Management.


Deepinder Mattewal, Head of Media Buying: A former Head of Project Management for the Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Deepinder also worked for Punj Lloyd Limited, a Fortune 500 company, and for Ranbaxy Laboratory Limited after completing his MBA. At TLS, he heads advertising and connects as many people as possible to Ayurveda in the most                                                  optimized way.


Magendra Singh, Head of Technology: Magendra completed a Computer Science Technology degree at Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut.

The Ayurveda Experience by Transformative Learning Solutions (TLS) is the world’s only complete, personalized portal to the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga. Our Multimedia Courses, video seminars, Ayurvedic Health Analysis Reports and consultations by qualified practitioners and a variety of Ayurvedic Self-Care Products cover all self-care needs under one roof.
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