The GearGate Cycling Comp

What is the GearGate™ System?

In May of 2015, Hoodworks was a young startup building specialized prototypes of six different outdoor adventure vehicles, and Co-Founder Matthew Bader headed to Mount Hood in his pickup for a hike. He had been working on customizing tailgates for some Toyota Landcruisers and found himself in a convoy of all-mountain and downhill riders going to the slopes. Each pickup he saw had the same setup; bunches of killer, super expensive bikes with their front wheels draped over the tailgate. This observation led to an “AHA!” moment, and that moment formed the last six months – an absolute flurry of creative production that has seen the birth of the GearGate system.

Each Hoodworks GearGate™ is a revolutionary replacement tailgate that works like a swiss army knife. We have now designed patent-pending GearGates for all kinds of outdoor sports, from motocross to kayaking. Each has an array of specially-selected internal and external features that make it easier for you to live that sport with your pickup. And because of that experience on the mountain, our first production GearGate™ is made for cycling.

Cyclists are all about specialized, custom gear, and every American truck owner we know wants the toughest, best quality equipment money can buy. We are proud to launch the GearGate™ Systems Cycling Comp One (GGS-CC1); a tailgate that treats the coolest gear that you have – your bikes and your pickup – like they deserve.

What is Hoodworks?

Hoodworks is a company built to create the world’s best equipment for outdoor activities, and building it right, here in Oregon. Hoodworks was founded in March 2015 to build outdoor adventure vehicles; and while on that path we discovered the GearGate™; a replacement pickup tailgate that revolutionizes the way truck owners use their vehicles. Hoodworks is about handcrafted quality, made in America, and the toughest, best quality gear you can imagine. At Hoodworks, making custom products for outdoor fun is in our DNA; it’s just what we do. Welcome to a new way of thinking about your pickup.

Feature Summary

The GearGate Cycling Comp One (GGS-CC1) is customized for cyclists and includes innovative storage and locking solutions for any ride, securing three bikes and the rest of your gear. Remarkable innovation, aggressive styling, and deeply considered design and craftsmanship from Portland, Oregon.

Features Include:

  • Universal Bike (UB) Shaft for Open Dropout and Thru-Axle Bikes.
  • Custom American Internal and External LED Truck Bed Lighting
  • 18 Feet of Extreme Conditions Square Link Lock Chain from Pewag
  • Two Integrated Steel Bottle Openers
  • Nanuk 910 Medium Conditions-Proof Heavy Duty Toolbox
  • Dual Tactical-Grade Handles with OEM Latches
  • Handmade Steel and Aluminum Tube & Panel Construction
  • Made in Portland, Oregon, with All-American Components.

GearGate Features

Hoodworks Original UB-Shafts

Real riders know not all bikes are equal. At least when they’re in your truck, Hoodworks has created an equalizer. Our UB-Shafts can accept open-dropout forks as well as thru-axle designs and are sized to accept hub widths of up to 150mm. No more complicated piles of widgets and doodads to hold your bikes. Also sold separately as part of our upcoming Python UB Mount.

Extreme Duty Nanuk ToolBox

Each GearGate is installed with a top-quality, American-made, high-density foam-filled Nanuk toolbox made to withstand the toughest your lifestyle can dish out. Our partnership with Nanuk feels awesome; we love their quality and features so much we changed our design to accommodate their products. The case locks within the GearGate then deploys easily to bring your tools, six-pack, or electronics within reach.

Original California T-Handles

We knew our handles would say a lot about both the look and the toughness of the GearGate, so we went to the experts. Our friends in California specialize in multi-purpose automotive latching systems. When we saw their aluminum T-handles with a braided cable and stainless-steel sheath, we had to make them part of our design. The handles are ergonomically positioned underneath our compartment bar, which itself is nestled under our powder-coated aluminum panels. A sure feel with unbeatable quality, made in California.

Three-Way Custom Waterproof LEDs

You get back from a ride, dusk is gathering. Time to change clothes, pop off your front wheel, throw back an energy bar, and hit the road. But you can’t see a thing inside or outside your truck bed. We know this situation and have integrated super bright LED lighting (over 1000 lumens) that gives the brightness you need without draining your battery. You can choose to light inside or outside your bed, or both. Works with GearGate open or closed. Waterproof, super tough, and Made in the USA.

Extreme Duty Lock Chain

You bought killer gear to use it, not worry about it. Bike theft is bad, very bad, and that’s exactly why the GearGate went medieval on thieves, literally. We sourced a security chain from a company that dates back to 1479 in the dark woods of Europe. Our model is made at Pewag’s facility in Pueblo, Colorado, and is damn near impossible to break. Our military uses these chains as snow gear for their heavy-duty on- and off-road equipment. It’s anchored by a tactical grade U-bolt, completely out of reach outside the GearGate. Finally, our passive locking system means there are no extra keys. The chain locks when your GearGate locks. Simple as that. Rockwell Hardness 64, Titanium-Infused.

Mantis Passive Locking System

Ever seen a mantis prepare to strike? We channelled that amazing creature’s attitude into burly steel claws that grab and hold our incredibly strong chain. Worried about a padlock making a weak link? There isn’t one. Simply closing your GearGate puts the Mantis completely out of reach of theives. “Theftproof” doesn’t exist; but Hoodworks’ GearGate comes real close.

Internal Actuated Locking

Whether your current gate locks remotely or with a traditional key; we have you covered. When our lock is actuated; three steel bars slide into position. The first secures your GearGate to the truck body. The second moves a piston into the Nanuk – you’d have to destroy it to remove it. The third closes a Mantis hook that gives your GearGate a place to secure your chains even when it’s closed.

“The Handgun” NanoVault NV300 Combo Safe

If you have guns or valuables in your home; chances are you know Cannon Safe; their products have an incredible reputation for quality, strength, and security. This is why the GearGate had to have one of their compact NanoVault products. Designed for handguns, GearGate users need them to stow keychains, smartphones, and wallets before a run, so that you can get them back out without needing to take a gigantic key fob on your ride. 3-digit combinations; bolted and cable-secured to the GearGate frame.

Integrated Bottle Opener

Just finishing off that last mile of trail? Parched? Every Hoodworks GearGate integrates a reinforced aluminum bottle opener that cracks open your cold one and saves the lid for the trash. In fact; this GearGate has two.


The Hoodworks GearGate™ System is a revolutionary replacement tailgate that works like a swiss army knife. The GearGate Cycling Comp, our first model, is a built inside out for cyclists needs.
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