Hi ! We are Outline Montréal, a start-up from Montreal. We are very proud to introduce our first project, here on Kickstarter. After almost a year and lot of creations and attempts we are proud to introduce “The Sound Reactive Mask”.

Before discovering our project in detail, let us guide you into our world. Increase the volume of your device and start the playlist … Are you ready? Let’s go!

Lights games have become increasingly prominent at parties, concerts and festivals. So we had an idea! We wanted to give the audience an opportunity to become a part of the show itself.

We gradually oriented towards sound reactive technology, previously underutilized, in order to make it evolve to its fair value, in the present as in the future. The sound reactive technology convinced us right away. This system can transcribe musical beats into light, reacting to the rhythm of any music.

Now that we had the technology, we needed a unique design…The jaguar was the result of an extensive teamwork, both artistically and technologically, because the drawing, the various face’s types and sound reactive technology had to be the best fit for each other. In this way, we created different patterns to complete the first objective of this product. Give an outline to the music.

Illumination Pattern
Illumination Pattern

The idea of the jaguar seemed obvious, a nocturnal animal clearly representing the idea behind Outline Montréal.

Our creative world is fed by the incredible energy of Montreal. This rich city of extraordinary visual and musical artistic diversity is for us a source of constant inspiration.

  • Size: 29x28cm
  • Width: 3mm
  • Weight: 89g
  • A black and soft foam makes creates pleasant contact between the face and the mask.
  • On / off button on the box, a simple click behind the box turn on the mask.
  • A knob on the side of the box is used to adjust the mask’s sensitivity to music.
  • One size, adjustable elastic to secure the mask to your face.
  • * Requires two AAA batteries (not included) to operate.

                                            Still not convinced? Watch the demo !

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Today, we are prepared to move to mass production, but for that we need your support!

Your contributions will help launch the last phase of our project. Each step of the Outline Montréal adventure has been a challenge; currently the production is the greatest one. We are confident that with your help we will be able to meet this objective. 

Dependently of the campaign’s success we will propose to you some new masks. Our designer already have many ideas and the Jaguar represent just the beginning.

Limited edition sticker
Limited edition sticker
  • Pledge 5$CAD or more

Thank you for your support !

You’ll be part of the Outline Montréal adventure. We will keep you updated on the progress of the company and the arrival of new products.

+ 1 limited edition sticker

  • Pledge 30$CAD or more

Get your Jaguar !

Be the first one to own the Jaguar and join the Outline Montréal’s community.

+ 1 Jaguar mask

+ 1 limited edition sticker

  • Pledge 55$CAD or more

Get your Jaguar duo pack !

The music sounds better with you !

+ 2 Jaguar masks

+ 1 limited edition sticker

  • Pledge 300$CAD or more

Get your mask !

Let us know about one of your creation or your wish and we will made your personalized mask.

+ 1 personalized mask

+ 1 limited edition sticker

Exclusive on Kickstarter

  • Pledge 1000$CAD or more

Thank you a thousand times !

Help us creating the Outline Montréal’s community.

+ 5 Jaguar masks 

+ 1 special artwork designed by the creators 

+ 5 limited edition stickers

Exclusive on Kickstarter

Estimated delivery : February 2016  

Ships to :

  • Canada : 3$CAD
  • United States : 5$CAD
  • Western Europe : 7$CAD
  • Rest of the world : 8$CAD
We will ask you to fulfill a delivery form by the end of the campaign to complete the expedition.

Special thanks to the Dyson Bros for the music ! A huge thank you to all who support us from the beginning.

Hi ! We are Outline Montréal, a start-up from Montreal. We are very proud to introduce our first project, here on Kickstarter. After almost a year and lot of creations and attempts we are proud to introduce «The Sound Reactive Mask».
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1997713215/the-sound-reactive-mask?ref=category_recommended
Contact Information:
Outline Montréal

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