Needless to say, when you are sales pitching anyone, your presentation must be professional. The same holds for crowdfunding videos. You need to produce it well, using a good camera and a good microphone to properly capture the sounds.

A GoPro camera or similar will certainly be wonderful for your video, but if you want a good sound, you better record your voice in a studio. When doing that, get a good condenser microphone that works well in the room you choose to record.

After recording your video and your voice, use a good movie editor. GoPro themselves have a good video editor, but if you don’t like it, there are many options.

Make sure your video does not look so much like advertising. Very few people like them and share them. The more you make your video look like content, the better. But keep in mind that however hard you try, it’ll still be an ad, so make it short and pass your message as soon as possible in the video.

Making your ad video content-like and shareable is possible. Look at Will it Blend videos. They had a normal boring tough blender, not much different of any other in the market. But they managed to make a good story on it, showing their blender crushing some odd objects like an iPad, cell phones (they recently blended an iPhone 6 Plus) and other items. Those videos were very successful and drove millions of views each, generating millions of dollars on sales for their creators.

Also, people tend to be more connected and engaged when they see another real person talking to them. So make sure you or an actor talks to the camera to show your presentation. He or she should look straight at the camera and have a firm, assertive voice.

Don’t forget to open your video with a relaxing intro short song, one that calms people down and make them want to watch your video.

Good videoing!

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