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TripConsul’s vision is to transform travellers’ city visits and put an end to disappointment (at least on the trip). We offer online personalisation, matching people’s interests and needs instantly to our database of favourite local places & events. We have 60 talented local insiders and guides, our ‘Consuls’, who offer fluency in 19 languages and can help travellers refine their itinerary, guide them around the city and book everything.  We help travellers experience the best of the city, their way.

Few of us have time to properly research and plan anything. The best trips are usually when we have a friend in the city that knows us and can recommend the right things. Our research suggests most online review sites are generic and what’s right for Peter isn’t necessarily right for Paul. Guided tours don’t feel very real and lack flexibility and spontaneity. One stop booking is extremely rare. TripConsul’s goal is to be the friend in the city when one isn’t available and provide these services.

The funds will be used to strengthen the team, to market the proposition and to develop an App to enhance the visitor experience.

To date we have invested £80,000 of our own money to develop the online site, our database and our network of talented Consuls. Our website has very recently become operational and we are already working with 1 hotel and 8 serviced apartments.


TripConsul transforms city visits by giving travellers what they are really interested in on their trip and not just promoting standard, unfiltered choices. Their goal is to genuinely improve travellers city experiences and make those visits unique. They offer instant online personalisation, a curated database of local recommendations, 60 talented guides with fluency in 19 languages and a one stop booking service.

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Nick Whitfield
Roland Tanner

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