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A Portuguese chef with a track record of success, Nuno Mendes cooks with a passion recognised around the globe. A pioneer in gastronomy, Nuno is a traveller or ‘viajante’ who has explored the globe in search of unique ingredients, innovative techniques and first-hand farming experiences.

Nuno believes that Metropolitan Wharf, a revitalised Victorian riverfront warehouse in Wapping, is the ideal setting to launch his newest restaurant, Viajante. In his new intimate dining experience with its stunning waterfront location, diners will revel in a tasting menu of numerous courses bringing wave after wave of breathtaking tastes and textures in a setting of refined beauty and calm.

This is an exciting opportunity for investors to become part of something special – to get closer to Nuno and his extraordinary skills as he seeks to break down the barriers of fine dining and open its doors to the people who matter most to him – his guests.

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Nuno plans to create a restaurant which is internationally recognised with multiple Michelin stars and a place on the San Pellegrino’s World’s Best Restaurants List, but in a location in East London that is a relative newcomer to the fine dining scene. Under his guidance, Viajante aims to be at the forefront of the hospitality industry, fostering an exchange of learning and innovation among its team and providing a platform for rising chefs to learn and explore new techniques. Nuno intends to invite renowned guest chefs from all over the world to cook one-off dinners with him, allowing diners to be transported around the world without leaving East London.

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Viajante will capitalise on the character and advantages of its locality, and support local development. A brief, five minute walk from Wapping Station, Metropolitan Wharf is in the heart of the residential area of Wapping. The restaurant is sure to capture the interest of its many affluent local residents and provide them with a welcome enrichment to their borough. Rather than heading to Shoreditch or into Mayfair for a special dining experience, they will have an unparalleled restaurant on their doorstep, one that will draw people from all over the world. Viajante will be a magnet for new businesses interested in sharing the rich and vibrant food and drink scene.

Surrounded by high-end residential areas such as St Katherine Dock, Shad Thames, Butler’s Wharf, Canary Riverside, Wapping is a short distance from the important business location of Canary Wharf. The latter is in great need of more varied options for it’s 100,000 workers. A few good restaurants have established themselves there – Roka, Boisdale and Tom’s Kitchen but they are no match for Nuno’s plans for Viajante and its elevated dining experience.

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The site is secured, the designs are done and a dedicated project manager has everything aligned the necessary permits and contractors so work can start immediately. The team is ready to build.

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Nuno joined forces with David Collins Studio to create a beautiful yet understated design plan, utilising the warehouse’s original brickwork arches and industrial columns to maximise views of the river throughout the restaurant. A spacious terrace will look out over the Thames. Inside, an open-plan kitchen will allow guests to watch chefs at work while a chefs table will seat up to 12 guests in the midst of the kitchen. The dining room is structured around the columns that divide it, creating a number of naturally separated areas. An exclusive a private dining room with dedicated kitchen will allow for intimate dinners for up to 16 guests.

Pre-opening team is posed to begin recruiting and streamlining operations.

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Viajante as a destination restaurant that, in itself, and through its target clientele has the potential to establish a solid financial foundation. This will help to provide the basis to develop other elements of the concept and the special nature of the site, such as broadening the offering to include a bar in the lobby of the building and making use of the river access by establishing a jetty in conjunction with the site’s owner. These aspects will further enhance the restaurant’s attraction as a destination. We intend to build a solid base that allows the business to explore further exciting opportunities as they arise. The project will draw on Nuno’s talents to offer a unique concept in a special setting.

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The maximum restaurant capacity is 66 covers (38 covers in the main dining room, 12 covers on the chefs table and 16 in the private room). We will operate from Monday to Sunday for lunch and Monday to Saturday for dinner, with the aim of achieving a capacity of 60-66 covers for dinner and 38-45 guests for lunch. For our dinner service we will offer one menu only, and for lunch we will also offer a shorter menu for those with time constraints. During both services we will offer a drinks pairing for either menu. The two menu options will include a creative and eclectic mix of dishes and snacks that will make for a fun and interesting dining experience. We are anticipating a £50-£60 average spend per head for lunch and £120-£140 for dinner.

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Nuno is exceptionally fortunate to have secured an iconic site for his Viajante project. While core elements of the site need little cosmetic attention, the building is a shell and the majority of the funds will be used to fit out the site. The works involved are significant due to the site’s size and the requirement to install the services necessary for a fully operational quality restaurant. In addition to fit-out costs, funds will be used to acquire kitchen equipment, furnishings and furniture, as well as fund working capital for the pre-trading and initial trading periods, as investment will be required for staffing, building inventory and funding initial operational costs.

PLEASE NOTE: The company has an outstanding loan of £150,000 which will convert into equity as part of the round at the same pre-money valuation.

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A Portuguese chef with a track record of success, Nuno Mendes cooks with a passion recognised around the globe. A pioneer in gastronomy, Nuno is a traveller or ‘viajante’ who has explored the globe in search of unique ingredients, innovative techniques and first-hand farming experiences.
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