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The Beginning…


Michelle Sims is the co-founder and Managing Director of Wine In A Glass Pty Ltd.


Michelle is not only the Managing Director of a rapidly growing company, but also the mother of four children who knows all to well the struggles of balancing working life with family life. The concept of pre-filled wine in a glasscame upon her while she was reading the newspaper on a train in London’s Underground on her trip to Europe with her four children in October, 2012.


Wine In A Glass became a registered business in July 2013, developing the business and importing stock of Copa Di Vino from America into Australia to test the Australian market. The Australian market’s response was impressive and felt there was no way we could let such a great opportunity slip away.


Within a year Wine In A Glass had brought in their own filling line and printing machine from New Zealand and situated her production line at Jaengenya Winery in Echuca on the border between New South Wales and Victoria.




The Rapid Growth… 


Wine In A Glass, continues to grow and is being sought after by more major and minor businesses, events, catering companies, hospitals, sporting venues, cinemas and hotel chains across Australia.


Wine In A Glass have become a supplier for: 



    • Independant Cinemas Association Australia (ICAA)


    • Spotless Catering


    • O’Brien Catering 


    • Flemington and Caulfield Race Course


    • Red Hot Summer Tour



Wine In A Glass is situated in Echuca/Moama, we are creating jobs in a rural area.  Wine In A Glass is only a small workplace, majorly supporting woman in the workforce and creating local Australian jobs for rural areas.  With your help, the growth of Wine In A Glass can be quicker, which means the time of offering more positions to the local community and surroundings are likely to be sooner rather than later.  


The larger the success, the larger our team has to become, supplying more opportunities and supporting rural towns and woman in the workforce.  


The Future…


Wine In A Glass is now seeking funds to take this business to the next exciting stage. The business has grown so fast that government funding criteria is out of reach as our trading history is so young.  Wine In A Glass has many areas that any assistance in support is better than none. 


Additional Tank Farm


Wine In A Glass used to think a 1000 litre run was massive when we began.  We began by using 1000 litre pallecons, they suited Wine In A Glass at the beginning… We began receiving larger orders, in which multiple pallecons were required for production.  We now have two large tanks, of 6000 litres, and two medium size tanks, although we require more to meet the demands of our customers.  Wine In A Glass now have the larger companies that we have to supply or co-pack for, this is requiring a larger tank farm to assist in the storing of wine that is needing to be produced.   Help Wine In A Glass buy a tank!


Product Development: A New Glass Needs a New Label


Wine In A Glass has designed a new glass, The SIMS19, named after Michelle Sims, her drive to address the market needs is astonishing.  We are in the process of having self-adhesive labels for the SIMS19 Glass. By contributing you enable us to get closer to fulfilling the costs of a label applicator, designing new labels and getting the labels made for our new glass.  Any donations will help get it onto the market, getting it into your fridge!  All contributions go towards Wine In A Glass putting our new glass onto the shelf.  





Wine In A Glass work very hard, we have sacrificed a lot to get where we are now. We have been self-funded to date and we are still here!!

There have been many struggles with gaining government funding due to being a young business, disabling us to apply for many.  Any contributions can help Wine In A Glass get to the next level, enabling our new glass to be labelled, for it to become available to you!


How Else Can You Help?


One share of our Facebook page, Twitter or even Instagram can make noise, you can make us seen by all your friends and family.  You might also have the right connections for potential buyers to see the product or allowing specific event organisers to find out about us. 





 Victorian Liquor License Number: LIQW880014539                        ABN: 26 164 348 083

Wine In A Glass, continues to grow and is being sought after by more major and minor businesses, events, catering companies, hospitals, sporting venues, cinemas and hotel chains across Australia.

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