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Shoes For Spontaneous Expression.  Style is an idea.  A relentless expression.  It shifts as you change. Because change moves West.  Change laces up, breaks off, and stands out.  We are your instrument of change.  We stand for fashion as a language to whisper & roar.  We are classic, street, and chic.  We are the link between now and next.  We are ZIPZ® .  Match Any ZIPZ® “Covers” With Same Size ZIPZ ® outsole. 

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About Zipz Shoes, Inc.

Other shoe companies talk about their history here. But our history doesn’t motivate us as much as our future. We want what’s next. We revel in change. Zipz were made for spontaneous expression. We don’t worry about who you were or what you wore. It’s all about the moment right after now. So zip off your cover and zip on a new look.

The Cali-Classic Collection consist of 3 styles: High Top, Low Top, and Slip-On.  These Cali-Classic Collection products interchange with our core Offshore Collection and Boardwalk Collection products in the same size.  The Cali-Classic Collection is solely used for custom printing with such customers as and purchasing Cali-Classic “Whiteout” shoes from us which are then transformed by their artists into a custom printed shoe at our Zipz print center in Orange, CA.

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Shoes For Spontaneous Expression. Style is an idea. A relentless expression. It shifts as you change. Because change moves West. Change laces up, breaks off, and stands out. We are your instrument of change.
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